• by HK MAC
  • posted Jul 27, 2006

With 4 color GAS MASK image with match with black Tee...enjoy !!

Watch this
OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

meh, posterize + distress filter does not make a great shirt.


That's a VERY nice illo!

the communist hippie

the most original gas mask design I've ever seen. much better than the transplants logo.


yeah i have to agree with design byag...


use filters sparingly, for they, to the educated artist or designer, are easily reconizable.... i third Olli


this is really sweet $5

thINK profile pic Alumni

I really like this


It's neat but cheaply made..


Replying the ones complaining about it: how does the use of filters matter anyway? What matters is the result, not the process.


I agree with Tyralion. Only pompous arrogant artsy types worry about the proceess. F* the process. Looks good.


nice. $5


Too many of these urban themed t shirts. You gotta go more unique.


I think this one is really cool, print away!


Exigent is right. To some extent. I have ranted before many times, and will again, many times, about the pretention of some of the artists here. What I want to see on this site, are shirts that are funny, original, and great to look at, not a decent tee that is considered "quality" by the art community, just because it has a reference to m,c,y, bk, or some fantastic method of using a design program, if all it produces is a mediocre design. Besides, I will say that not all of the people submitting designs are of the same caliber of designers, and many aren't designers at all, so get off of your horse, and vote for some damn fine tees.

Phew. That felt good.

Anyway, good design, I like it; gritty, urban. But bamboo is right, gotta be more unique for a 5.

eLaiNe k

It's really cool~I like it ~


I like it lots. Too bad you used filters rolls eyes Idiots.
Looks groovy to me, that's all that matters.


Nice design!! It reminds of Hunk from Resident Evil 2 :P

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