Red tree

Was orginally drawn on using Artline pen and paper. Thought it might be fun to play with the colour and put them on t-shirt. I pick red because I love red.

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Bonzai Gardener


duz eny1 hhav any idea how hard it is to design a t-shhirt on a computer!?!?

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almost as hard as it is to spell on a computer.

Annie the Pug

Well, I for one really like it. Beautifully drawn, and I like the red. 5$


Bonsai Gardener? Hardly. Unless you happen to believe Bonsai Gardener was the first ever design on Threadless to incorporate a bonsai tree.


no really...mario and trees are a recurring theme here in the land of threadless. Next time do NOT put mario or a tree in your design. Danke.


Things go through trends...including t-shirts. If you don't like it go make your own web site called 'Trendless' and leave Threadless be.


Oh yeah, ^that comment was aimed at banditoman88, awesome tee $5


i agree with nutterbug 100%!!!!


Thanks for the feedback. It is unreal to see my work up here for scoring.


i dunno why people are booing it. good work is good work wiether or not the theme is used often. it's an awsome design and must have taken a really long time, but it probably won't get printed because of all the other tree designs. apperently the fact that it won't get printed only becasue of the themes of recently printed shirts is enough for it to suck to some people.


I did not look at many other illustrations here. I guess tree is a common topic. I just want to share some of my artwork, if my artwork get shorlisted, then it is a bonus. It took me a day to illustrate.


I'm not into the white. I'd definatly try it on some different colors. Otherwise, great design.


Maybe we can call a tree design free site "Treeless" (okay, someone had to say this!)


I like this one. There really aren't that many tree designs like this. I didn't see anyone booing the Koolaid man designs that there were a million of at once.


wow it seems like people around here have a need to dictate creativity. I kind of think that's a bit anti-productive. everyone has an opinion, but I think telling someone what to do like you make the rules is a bit haughty.

I like this...but the tree is just a tad fuzzy to me with so many branches. If there were a bit fewer it might have a little more shape.


on black


i love it. on light brown/earth tone maybe


i'd buy it on a different color. I kind of would like it in silver/black something like that. Like an old photograph.


i like it a lot. the detail in the tree is awesome. $5


It's a beautiful tree design, ignore the naysayers, I love the red, but on a colour - $5

kenny poptart

nice tree, but other color options, maybe?


i think it would look good on the botton of the shirt, it isnt bad at all..dont worry ppl r just jealous u got ur stuff up prob ;)
but hey thats just me

Alex M. Solefish

it's a good drawing, but i think different placement (and, yes, color options) could make it a better shirt. having it square on the chest puts me off. i like aj07's ^ suggestion.

easy being green

love the red tree, maybe other color options for the shirt, just nothing bright, and I happen to like the center placement.


Thanks guys...I was surprised that my trees has attracted so many feedbacks.


keep the red but put it on a different colored t

electric mistress

i like the colour and i like the design. i wouldn't buy it becuase i have no money :(
nice one, chinoiserie

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