Heart Crusher

  • by gautam
  • posted Jul 25, 2006

Heart Crusher!! Print it or not who cares!!! But love to hear your criticism!!!

Watch this

Interesting. I thought, at first, that the heart at the top was wearing sunglasses, and looking very non-chalant about the whole ordeal.

Heavy Eyeliner

^^ Agreed About The Sunglasses... But All Together A Cute Design. $4


A little too emo and generally a little too plain.


Thanx to you guys!! I really appreciate it!!!


i really like the design, but please not on a white shirt. any other colour, really... green, blue, pink... just no white shirts! white shirts always end up looking like the shirts you get when you volunteer somewhere, and then then ever wear again.


no more hearts!


although i agree with most about the OMG NOT ANOTHER HEART SHIRT frenzy, i think this design is kinda cute.

Kramer and Sprenger

I say MORE HEARTS!!! I have been saying more hearts for I don't know how long, and finally people seem to be listening. Sure, not all heart designs are the most amazing, but everybody loves hearts. Come on! HEARTS!


dei 5.. boa sorte !

younger brother

im gonna rip my own heart out and give it to you.,


Thanx guys for taking time to review my design I really apppreciate it!!!! Thanx!!


it rlly duz look like the heart ontop is a nochalant sun glasses wearin heart


awesome! :p

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