Flipping The Bird

  • by The_Girl
  • posted Jul 25, 2006

The red bird looks great on any light to medium colored shirt, especially Natural (showing it here looked very weird with the overall layout). The blue bird can only be on Banana, as its beak and legs are transparent.

See my blog for a different version.

Watch this

haha... cool. Funny and cute. I'd buy it on either Pacific Blue or Banana... I don't like white or natural t-shirts though.


Hah! I get it. Though it'd make more sense if the birds were parrots... they're TOTALLY rotatin' critters.


like it with the orange poppy


cutesy, but the tree branch looks odd, being without a tree attached to it


It started out as just the first bird and that part of the branch, showing the entire flip of the bird came to me later and I didn't even think of a tree.

I think the design works with just the disembodied branch though, adding a tree would ruin the symmetry.


Good pun, looks nice on orange. I personally wouldn't buy it, though.


Like it on the white or yellow. I don't get why the boxes have to be around the birds though.


In most programs that deal with images boxes such as the ones in this design show up when you select something, then you can flip them with that curvy arrow tool there. Try it out in an adobe program.


I like the idea and it made me happy. But I dont like the branch :(


I like it a lot. But, like others have said, the branch is a little awkward.


I wanted it to look like the bird was just sitting around minding his own business when someone started flipping him. I don't really know how else to portray that without the branch. Did you want me to get rid of it entirely or add a tree?


Hah! Stewie Griffin Laugh Impression that is really bad and BoomerRang is really getting annoyed that he can't even do an acceptably acceptable Stewie Griffin Laugh :( It is very very very very very sad because it's more like a John Kerry Laugh Nice.5$


$5 on white or yellow :]


I like it of the orange poppy.


The branch needs to stay how it is. If you add a tree it will ruin ruin the symmetry as you said. If you take the branch completely out, it will definately take an important element of the design with it.

Not everything has to be perfectly logical and realistic in design, therefore not all branches have to be attached to trees like in real life.


Oh good, I thought I was the only one.


i love the natural.

alanis profile pic Alumni

the branch/tree looks very weird. and i think the concept with the transformation box will only be understood by those using design software. Most people won't get it, so I wouldn't want it on my shirt.

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