man/machine to be

  • by Oystein
  • posted Jul 25, 2006

This design is inspired by leonardo da vinci drawing \\"views of a fetus in the womb\\" just a little more \\"robotic\\". The letters and numbers are binary code (0 and 1) and nucleotides, DNA code, (ACGT) mixed together. The idea is a possible future when the lines between man and machine i blurred...

the robotfetus is handdrawn and scanned.

Watch this



That's supercool. The green glow might be a little hard to pull off in the screen print, but the design wouldn't be the same without it.


I like the concept, but I think folks would identify it easier if you used a more common posture of a fetus in the womb than DiVinci's, since most folks would see the idea more immediately if you used the more typical side profile.

Torn Jeans

i think one of the best for this many ppl using USB as entry...!

mahalov profile pic Alumni

its kind of creepy wondering how da vinci drew the fetus so accurately. i heard he had friends who worked at a morgue and they would let him come study bodies

great concept annnd execution. $5


it's a bit high up. . .if it was smaller andmore on the tummy it'd be better.


The baby is great, love how you have graded shading too.

I am not a fan of the green text, I think it could have worked as well / better without it. We all saw a lot of that text when Matrix came out and I feel like it's kinda been done.

Just a suggestion though, great work.


I agree with AsStarsGoOut - more tummy-positioned.
As much as I love the phosphor-green letters, any chance of glow-in-the-dark?

(Now I wish I could take back my $5s from some other NextFest

Thalia Em

Really love the concept & execution! Really well done - I'd totally buy that and wear it (like the nerdgirl that I am) all the time. $5!


the green makes it too much matrix style,
maybe other color?


thanks for comments so far!! :)
about the color of the binary/dna: I experimented with yellow, light blue, red(same as on the robotfetus). i think it look better this way, but i cant be to hard to change the color if people dont like it?
the placement and size can be discussed,
the binary stays, the motive looks too plain without it, i think.


This kind of creeps me out. Good job.


you're so cool.. like your've got a topgrade from moi-5!
soooo, will I get one of the t's when you win??? gimmegimmegimme.. hehe..
Cya around dude..


i love your illustration but it pains me that this is te last thing i would wear. im confused about how to score you.


i guess the egg shape of the binary/dna is kind of symbolic, but it would look better printed if it was more spread out.


I like the idea a lot, but it doesn't look robotic enough. Really looks medevil with all the rivets every where...


Very Matrix-y, maybe the binary could be in white rather than green to make it less so?

Still, it looks killer, 5!


looks great on black


I love that the "umbilical cord" stands out in red...brilliantly done! 5$

morning entry

this is great. id love to see more intelligent designs like this one $5


i love it!


I love it, although I am not a fan of the green text.


love the idea! however, im not sure if everyone would catch on to the nucleotides mixed with the binary code, unless you studied genomics. however, i think most science students would like that. hehe. i know i do! 5$ for sure. kudos!


Thats awesome. deff looks best on black. $5

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