Invisible Children

This one\\\\'s inspired by, and for the Invisible Children of Uganda.. be sure to check out

<a href> </a>

..about the design... i think the text is necessary for the organization.. kind of the point to spark interest and support.. anyway, i\\\\'m submitting it for the criticism and comments.. so tear it up guys.. :-) thanks.

Watch this

wish the lines inthe background didn't look so much like skyscrapers...good cause though!


great cause, i'd buy it


good design, a hair expected. but it's a great line of thinking.


hey i totally love this...i watched the documenrty on that, and i have one of the bracelets that was made by them...$5


Bright green or maroon on white.


haha. thanks for all the comments guys.. (what kids? : ) i had a feeling someone would reach that eventually) congratulations WithRedFists.. we have a winner.


very awesome.


Awesome. My friends and I did a fundraiser for the Invisible Children. Great design. I like your design better than the official shirts the group sells on the site, actually.


i am glad you are bringing light to the situation in uganda, great design!


I agree that it's a good cause and everything, but are part of the proceeds going to help Invisible Children?


Um, I don't know if you can do that. You'd have to ask Threadless to do that..



ya.. dunno about the proceeds.. i dont really expect it to be printed.. specially with the nonprofit thing.. i just put it here for the criticism..


goooood case ... but i agree with the skyscraper comments.


this is amazing, i've been obsessed with this cause for a long time and was actually thinking of doing a design for them as well.

$5 from me and good job


I would love to have this on a shirt! Great cause.


wow. kinda impressed that people like it. i do see the skyscraper thing.. but i think it also parrallels the whole relationship between the kids having nothing.. and us with our huge cities and atleast half the things we want.. shows the contrast.. what say you?


my school already ran a campaign for this, and sold hats t-shirts and even showed the movie at my school. but i like this $4


i like the illustration and the placement. $5


i've been waiting for something like this. if my skills were better than zero, i'd have submitted a dozen darfur related shirts by now.


Hey awesome cause! Way to spread awareness.


good thing im not epileptic blimey!


i like this shirt. is there any way to order it??


Hey, I love your design!!!
I am screen printing shirts and making vinyl stickers, to see for the screening we are doing at my high school, and I was wondering if
I can use your logo. I will give you credit for the design and everything I just think with that logo we can grab more people attention. All proceeds that we get are going to be sent to the
Invisible Children.


I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your design!!!!!!!!!!! How can I get it???!!!???!?!??? You did an amazing job!!! I support Invisible children all the way, and my dream is to go to Northern Uganda!!! Please, let me know how I can get one of your Invisible children shirts!!!

courtney pie

wow. 2.04 outta 5? really?
i hope someone printed this! great great cause!


grey on white, or grey on black. $5, but too late.

hey...i clicked on you because of your username...i was just listening to alesana, man! awesome.

creq is leet

how do i get one of these shirts? i like all your shirts. how can i buy them?

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