punt the emo kid

damn kangaroo beat us to it!

Watch this

i like the message behind this one. i wouldn't wear something this cartoon tho. keep bashing on those emo kids tho. they are taking over.


both the design and message are stupid, you ignorant bastards.

crisco disco

yeah. i agree with herro. this whole emo kid deal that everyone jumps on for shirt ideas is dumb. same goes for slogans. i dont see how that shakespeare hates your emo poems got printed. dumb.


haha you've upset the emo kids.


why does everyone pick on emo people? it's getting really old really fast.


ha ha ha. Emo. ha ha ha.

Quag profile pic Alumni

I have to agree with Herro, pretty overdone.


LOVE it but the 'roo looks odd for some reason. Maybe it's the fat thighs. I can't put my finger on it. I like it a lot though.


I hate how everyone hates emos. And I hate this shirt. Not even drawn well.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

thats not how kangaroos kick...


I also hate how everyone hates emos. as far as i can see, the majority of people on this site are emo or similar to. apart from the fact that i dont like what its saying, i think the dude is pretty good but not the kangaroo.


I hate the whole classification of emo...Besides, if you are classifying, most of the people that wear threadless shirts probably fit into that category of sensitive, young, self-involved people.

Also, 0.


Stop being so emo... it's a joke!

mcgowen007 profile pic Alumni

I hate this idea. I hate this shirt. And I hate my Emo existance! I should cry. Alright, kidding...love the idea...execution needs some work (3)


Aw, everyone is so mean and superfictial. If you are going to bicker, go on myspace or something. O.o
But I honestly don't like it. We don't bash preps on this site, so stop trashing others you heartless fools.

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