give me liberty punk

  • by k312
  • posted Jul 21, 2006

loosely inspired by the statue of liberty

Watch this

$5 I'd buy it 5 just for finally getting a submission accepted...


it's sweet on burgandy. cool design...but i can't really tell what's in his right hand. i'm assuming a lighter or something.


why would somebody with the anarchy symbol support the u.s? it doesnt make any sense


^i don't think it's about patriotism so much as freedom.
like, if it were holding an american flag, THAT wouldn't make sense.


hmm...I was thinking about the current politics of the US when I made this. Illegal Immigrants, the War against "terror", the other war in Iraq, how the US is viewed abroad.... so its almost the opposite symbolism of what the statue stands for, and a comment as to how the US is viewed today

the small lighter was done in contrast to the statue's LARGE torch being a beacon of hope, shining bright


I like it on the burgundy or dakota. I think it's a powerful statement, however you interpret it. 5$


Clever. I noticed the lighter vs. torch and thought that was a nice touch. Looks great on Dakota.. if it was, I'd buy it.


Um...does anyone else think this looks slapped together?? Kind of...sloppy??


yeah i think it looks sloppy too. not as refined as some of the stuff that


i like it, but it looks a bit strange and disproportionate.

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