Lapdog of Luxury

Jim Davis created Garfield because he knew that people liked cats, and if he drew a comic starring a cat, those people would buy t-shirts with the cat\'s picture on them and he would make a ton of money. I assure you that my intentions for this design are far more noble.

Please note that this design has four colors though the shirt color (natural/cream) does come into play. With minor alteration, the design can work on any color. The placement is arbitrary and can also be easily changed. Thanks!

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ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

this cat is definitely a Grand Puba


I'm a cat nerd and I love this so hard.


I would buy this for my sister


cutest fat cat ever

Easy Jack

Hey! Welcome back pseudonym!


I like the "plates mint" As I am not a cat person it would be sacrilidge to wear this. As an artist, I give it a 5.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice sketchy feel, like the subtle way of showing the straw inder water/reflection...

herky profile pic Alumni

nice characters and illustration



mad cat

oh pseu...
what a puss!
Great work!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Nice drawing effect... but... do the same thing with the dog on the cat! ^^


You are a black-and-white mind working on a color-coded problem.

No way in Hell would I wear this. But. I'll give it a 5 for the artistry (???) done into the piturce (:-P) *picture.


Pseudonymjones ! yay! good to see your black-and-white mind back in action. heh. that cat's smug little face cracks me up.


Obese cats are the coolest! 5$

jublin profile pic Alumni

i hate it.

oops. i meant to say that i LOVE it. Awesome job dude. It's good to see you back in the game.


FUNNY !!!! $5 all the way

Gringz profile pic Alumni

awesome! 5


reaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly cool 5 and $ in the pocket


i can dig it.


Oh man...I hate cats, I have a big dog, but I have a friend who loves his morbidly obese cats (over 22 lbs), this is a great design, but like I said, I am a dog person, so I would never where this.


I think it's adorable...a little "blah" since it's in gray & such...but good design :)


Haha, I love cats so I have to give this a 5.


that remerbe me an ex girl friend... $4

be friendly

You have captured the archetypal look of feline disdain very well. I once had a girlfriend who could frequently produce that same facial expression...

I'm sure it is a coincidence (this is not an accusation at all); the cat looks a bit like Totoro (the Studio Ghibli anime character).

I'm sure the cat-lovers will go crazy for it!


Cats terrify me, but I'm a sucker for bug eyed animal pictures... so I'd probably still wear this


I love the expressions on their faces.


Thats adorable, i hope it gets made! =)


i love it. 5$


thanks for using my title suggestion!! (I'm really proud of that) I'm a cat person and would wear this shirt proudly - I normaly only go for bright colors - but you have really made the colors you chose work for this design.

and I appreciate that little dig at Jim Davis you had in your first comment. I read an interview he did where he totally ripped on Bill Waterson for "working too hard and stressing about the quality of his comic" - it turned me off from garfield forever.

the mothership

i'm not a huge cat fan but this shirt is the bomb diggity. love the colors and the placement and t he design. $5 i'd buy it and wear it proudly


now thats irony. i love the cats expression.


freaking adorable x)
just love the cat and the clueless look on the dogs face :]

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

hee hee, "plates mint" reminds me of when I used to have a blog on my site, and I made the comments link "calm mints". I'm sure some candy company has already jumped on that idea.

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