$nake-Eat-$nake World

  • by calsundry
  • posted Jul 21, 2006

i'm definitely inexplicably drawn to this, something about the shape, but it looks unfinished. i think i don't like the dots. 4

Watch this

With the dots, it's a $4 for me. Replace the dots with lines, and its a $5


I love this design, looks like a tracing of a tat... those dots would = no black outline... This one is a winner.


Love this one!!! $5!!!! Fo Sho!


Thanks guys for the feedback... appreciate it loads! keep em comin! :)


Excellent -- I like the scale and the placement -- I agree about the 'dots' and I think that's what gives it an unfinished feeling. Printed on black it would be kind of cliche, but a stronger color other than grey would be interesting to see. Four.


i might not be that big a fan of snakes but this is really well done. 4 for me.

Mazy Mallone

It's nice, but I don't think I like it.


I agree with .02 - am not a fan of snakes - but this one looks approachable;) I guess it's because I like the art nouveau style it's created in (intentional/not it doesn't matter). Good design!


i love the curviness of it.. but it does look like something is missing.. 4


no dotted line, and it's a 5 and buy
but, even without changing that, i'm pretty sure i'd get it

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