Social Networking Makes You Vulnerable.

When joining a social networking site, make sure that you take the proper precautions and watch out for potential threats...

Watch this

I like this a lot :D


The "anti-MySpace" shirt. I f##king LOVE IT!!!!

Screw MySpace. 555555$$$$$$!!!!!!!


great design!! Love the drawing and sketchy-ness of it. $5 love it!

dayuse aka yuipeter [peter t.]

ToonKing: Now, now. It may not "really" be an anti-MySpace shirt.
I'm ONLY saying that people on sites like that should be aware of the threats that come with the site.
And by threats, that doesn't just include the haters, or the people who believe that it's best to find friends the more personal way, or the people that don't care if they "know" an indie band/celebrity or not...


What's up with the guy on the right? What's his hand supposed to be? I'll grade once I know. I'm confused.


Hey, I gave you a 5$. :)

But, I suppose you must be PC to gain the votes of pro-MySpace Threaders.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I'm liking it, but I'm wondering if there's a way to make the digital camera a little more obvious...?

I wouldn't have got that without reading the comments.

I'll come back and score later.


I instantly thought digital camera, based on the cord and flash. He's taking the steriotypical myspace photo. :D


way cool. a little definition on the camera, i didn't know what it was for a little while.


Ohhh okay. Solid fill doesn't really help to identify things.


I instantly recognized the ubiquitous myspace pose... but others might go, 'huh?'.

Don't silhouette the camera OR the bat, thus bringing into focus both their tools.


hahaha... I said tool.

Please forgive my immaturity. :-D


Hilarious! I think 'social networking' is probably one of the best things to make fun of.....especially when people take pictures of themselves. 5!

(Rate my slogans, biatch)


This made me laugh once I figured out the fellow on the right was holding a camera. If you could make it more clear he's taking a picture of himself, this tdesign would be even better.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

Yes, the new pic in your blog there is a great improvement!


Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

myspace is FULL of sexual creditors. $5


Fuck myspace.


the camera needs to be more defined..and the fellow needs to be more scene, i think. maybe even if you just that he's in boxers.

this would be a total winnerr


i really like this,
i got that it was a camera right
away i just think that the flash
should be made a bit more recognizable.


Hahaha all I can think about is how much Myspace has invaded our way of life.....and i love it!!! $$5

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

asylhum, check the link to his blog for a more defined camera image. It rocks.


Ha ha beat those emo myspacers round the head... it took me a while to get... but its class

panda kid

the improvement makes it all the better. if the camera was higher up. like at a 150 degree angle or something, and he was still facing forward it would be a great "myspace angle." i think i would laugh at it more.




I really like it, but the flash and cord from the camera make it a bit confusing. Fix those, and you've got yourself a buyer!


I like it better when I think of it as him getting the shit kicked out of him because he uses MySpace and it's stupid as hell, not because he makes himself vulnerable.

Regardless, I love it. :D


bigger; :) $5

Oxford XVII

Stop arguing. It's anti-myspace and I applaud you.


All my 5 are belong to this!


i like it on sagestone. i wish the design colors were a bit darker/more varied, though, but i suppose you may have been going for myspace colors.


myspace = lame


I'm loving this design. Sketchy, yet still cool. It's funny in a way.


Lil' Slugger anyone? :P

Anyways, I love this. And I like the new detail you added in the blog thread.

I'm a fan of anyone getting hit in the brain with a baseball bat, actually.


make the digital camera easier to see, and I'll grade. high. :)

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