Heal the Divide

  • by ryeofcali
  • posted Jul 20, 2006

just an idea that came about from thinking about all the divides/rifts that have been getting worse within our country in the last couple of years. hope it\'s not corny.

Also what are your opinions on the inclusion of the text?

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Kojima profile pic Alumni

great message


that's pretty clever and i really like the colors


I like it a lot. Well done.


good message, though i wouldn't wear it


I would like it without the "heal the divide" on top. I didn't think there was much animosity between the states, except for that whole Mason-Dixon thing.


I like the idea, but not the colours.

Blame Bush


Nice design. Maybe the letters within the states.

Wouldn't it be f##ked up if the stitching was red?


red stitching would make me cry.

but i like this a lot; i think it's very cute.


California and Florida should be hanging off.

Orange thread would co-ordinate better. Or, darken the states.


i like this a lot.

why would it be fucked up if the stiching was red?


has no one else noticed the oversight of alaska and hawaii. talk about "heal the divide!" i say thread the both of them to the side of the mainland U.S. and what was serious gets a humorous twist. maybe have HI hanging by one thread a few inches away

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

hope it's not corny.

I'm a cynic. Sometimes. I'm afraid I do find it corny. Art's cute.

Katherine Patton

i don't know why people get so mad when people say this...sometimes it's just true

i think your illustration is really great and it just doesn't need the text

might be cool if it was more ssewn in text like with a needle or something

anyway i like it


I like it. I'd like the t shirt if it was blue (like water) and the land was green... the stitching would have some more contrast to show up against then.


i like the design for the most part. the font isn't really to my liking though. Maybe do the words in cross-stitching across ath bottom? and i agree with dyecaster, alaska and hawaii need to be included somehow.


I really really like it, but I try not to buy white t-shirts, put it on some other colors.


divide? perhaps the beam...


I still don't get it. Are you talking about red vs. blue states? I didn't think they were enemies because of their opposing viewpoints... If I wore that shirt ppl would ask me what it meant and I wouldn't be able to tell them. However, without the text it is left more to the viewer's interpretation but overall would still mean unity.


I'm thinking adding Alaska and Hawaii would be a prime idea as well. Poor Alaska and Hawaii, they are always overlooked...
I agree with you dyecaster, why aren't people noticing this?

Anyway, I'm extremely cynical as well, and I don't find this corny. The colors could use a little work though since they seem too light on the white shirt.
And on a side note, Bush didn't start any divide between the states. It goes way back people...

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

NICE,,I LOVE IT!! how about making the whole world map for your next one?!! $5


Not a fan of the text and i'd like to see it a lot bigger on the shirt. even if it has to wrap around it or something. putting things right in the middle ain't the greatest.

Also, white shirts tend not to win.


Um, too drum circle hippish...sorry


Have some long strings wrap around to the back
where Alaska and Hawaii would be included.

I would like to suggest you remove the text
since the image would make it look like all
the states have problems with their neighbor
states - and I don't think that's what you were
going for (maybe I'm wrong). If you colored
the states red and blue to represent Democat
versus Republican then the text would make

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

i like that suggestion about stringing hawaii and alaska on the back Helo! and i am thinking that the text isn't necessary since it is making everyone pigeon hole it on red vs. blue (which is merely only one division of many that exists in this country).

And the go to below link to see different colors, and also the color displayed above is not white.



I really like the idea of stitches holding borders together, but I think the idea might work better if the stitches held together countries, instead of states. I dunno, just a suggestion.


If the states are all one color, what's to heal?


this is so appealing. i love it. i'm for no-text.. but it doesn't bother me enough that i wouldn't buy the shirt. in fact - i think you should make it the same style as the thread.. awesome!

anyway, i definitely think if you did another for the countries it would be the best! $5

Torn Jeans

i dun like the text fonts


So, if all the states are blue, are they all republican or all democrat? (I forget which was blue and which was red last election.) Maybe the idea of green states on a blue background would sidestep that issue. I really like the stitching graphic.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

execution is great but as a tshirt i am pretty meh about it, especially not being an american.


I agree with whoever said maybe next time make the whole world map stitiched together somehow. I dont really see a "divide" between the states.
Nicely done though. =)


We do need to bring this nation together is a spirit of love and tolerance. Except West Virginia. I just hate West Virginia so much!


nice, no text necessary


i like it alot,
the colors are perfect.


I love the little bows. Nice detail on the ends of the strings.

Mazy Mallone

i think it's pretty cute ... and i really love how theres like little bows ... very nice design ... $5


i really really really like this.


maybe you could do another one with texas gone and mexico sewn on the bottom... now that would be funny


i like it better wothout the text and bigger. that would make it better. but i more get the message of "come/stay together" like the us is always one even with the hard parts and all. iono just an idea.


me wantee! And I'm not gonna say to remove the text or change the color because frankly guys, it just doesnt matter because in the end, if it wins, threadless can change it. just vote on how you think it will do. Therefore, I give it a $5 and have added it to my list of shirts that I want to be printed


i like to imagine people wearing this shirt during the civil war - and they'd all walk around saying "why cant we all just get along."


i like it!!
i give you a $5, but i think it would be adorable to have hawaii & alaska

and the color scheme on this page is the best out of all of them


i really like this, great style



no text. but its an awesome design!!!


Agreed, great design, 5$.

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