Mr Santiago Flies Again

  • by jrmasm
  • posted Jul 20, 2006

This is an ode to a childhood friend... As always, constructive criticism and overall comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

Watch this

I don't know the whole story behind Mr. Santiago, but damn, he makes for a wicked t-shirt. ^_^ 5$

light olive

First shirt that i stopped to vote for. I love this shirt, want it now.

Kramer and Sprenger

I don't know if the text is supposed to be in the final shirt design, but if not, it should be. It makes it obtuse and enigmatic, in a very good way. but I am not crazy about the colors.


Wow I love this $5

Annie the Pug

I like the colors, and I too hope the text would be in it, because it's not included on the shirts to the left. Great!


include the text. for sure.


this is something i think i would wear, id like a center placement with a big print but it still looks good in the corner as well!

especially love the colors! great job!

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

I like the text as well, but didn't include on the t-shirt, but that could be certainly fixed
It is an ode to my ol' pal and these are his colors. So I felt I needed to be true. A friend said, "I both really hate and love those colors all at the same time." Regardless of how you feel, I thank you checking out my design and as always comments are apprecited and all opinions respected.


I really like this but im not a fan of the placing, fix that and its a $5


I'd like it with the text on the shirt.
Just to confuse everybody even more.


I'd kind of like it placed in the center. 5!


purposely misspelled "flies" in the sub?

jrmasm profile pic Alumni spelling just sucks.

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

I once had a very similar friend named Mr. Santiago. His mother and I used to hang out in the grocery store. That is, until he was tragically killed in an applelanch. :(
sad... But I give your shirt a 5$$$!


spelling mistake on a shirt with a character I don't know doesn't make for a great start. Kind of looks like tigger.

skello2 profile pic Alumni

love say no type on the final though


WOAH i don't know if there's some indie connection i'm supposed to understand from this, but i just want it. Very nice design.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

i just like the character and teh over all design you put him in .. nice job


I wish I had a stuffed animal that looked as awesome as that.


i had a stuffed friend called teddy two eyes maybe he was a distant relative of Mr Santiago...i'd buy this shirt purely as a homage to him.


I love Mr. Santiago. I love his colors, his stripes, his gorgeous ears. And I love the guy below him withoutstretched arms. Is that you, jrmasm? Can you try him on darker colored shirts? Maybe a chocolate or dark red?

ali m.

This is great, I like it a ton. One thing, though: I think it needs a little help conveying the fact that Mr Santiago is being thrown into the air...
Maybe put a little more flail in his limbs, and a smaller shadow on the ground? If he were a little more hap-hazard I think you could make him look like he were on his way up or falling down, instead of floating in space. But other than that, really good choices made.

Mazy Mallone

Ohh! Awesome-ness. I love this design ... $5


I love the shirt design! Looks really interesting and the colours mixed together is great. I like how Mr. Santiago looks like he's flying. Is he? Or am I just seeing him being thrown in the air? I think the text should be included because it just explains the whole design, and it's cute, too.

I'd buy this shirt.


Hello, Mr. Santiago, I knew you would make it big one day. Make mommy proud. I love you.


i love the design colors and the stripes !... and excellent perspective. i'm not completely sold on the shirt colors yet but maybe they'll grow on me ... I think sagestone is the best that you have up there ... It might look nice on natural, too :)

Rhowan Rules

I would love to see this on a brown shirt or some of the other darker colors in the design - $5


Mr.Santiago. Dunno Duncare Dunhatethisshirtatall In fact it's awesome!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Very cool main character...not sure if he toally works with the other elements that are of a different style. But good job on Mr. Santiago!


I like it with the text. I think it makes it cuter and slightly more whimsical...

Hugsen Kissus

Rad colors, cool design. I'd buy it.


Until then, 4$



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