High on Life

  • by jamco
  • posted Jul 19, 2006

Artists. Inventors. Mad Scientists. This one\'s for you.

See more detail and alternate colorways @ my blog. Thanks!

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I'm not sure where he came from first, but here he is twice in (the brilliant) Wondermark. Did you do anything to customize this?


The linework is completely different; it's from an old patent that is public domain.


Check my blog for line detail.


I don't care. I want this shirt. $5


Looks pretty much exactly the same to me.


Thief, thief, givin' us grief!


whatever using and hijacking is part of the game. It is still a cool shirt! But many people including me have thousands of such ideas to submit with the consequence of turning this site to a collection of obsolete and public domain printed shirts.


People - read the comment above - the source for this image is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Look at my blog, as well, and you'll see that it's entirely unique linework (the original was a poorly executed woodcut).


P.S. - David Malki, of Wondermark did not illustrate this - it is a very old image, that I only used as a guide. He obviously got it from the same sourcebook (which is unrestricted).


eh. not on a shirt i dont think.. nice though.. i'd give you way more credit if it was a little more original.. not cut from someone elses work..


Right, but he did something original and unique with it. He didn't just reprint it and hope no one recognized it.


Tell you what. I like your website... but I think that this design is a bit of a let-down. You are more than capable of creating something great from scratch. Stick to that and you have my vote.


I do love the woodcut feel of it -- very unique. I agree, try the same style with something from scratch.


wasn't this up yesterday.. and someone posted that another science site uses it as well?


I love this. Can we get it on a more sophsticated shirt color?


Suggestions for shirt colors?


I think I'm gonna find that sourcebook, get the image, then create a shirt where the dude is getting hit by lightning coming from the collar.

Ummm, where was I?

Oh yes.. "shirt color". Brown would be nice.


Loves it. too bad there are so many tards on here.


Toon, you get a sourcebook, and take the image, then we shall compare so that you can see that mine is constructed completely separately. Your sarcasm was a worthy attempt, but the Btoon design chops just don't back it up. Thanks for the color suggestion!


Hahaha. Fair enough.


No way! A good sport on threadless?! I like you, ToonKing. And I was serious...I think brown might be cool. Thanks again.


When you see a great idea that might make a fantastic shirt, what's to stop you. It's an old style design, so I'd go with earthtones. People relate to turn of the century art and browns.


dude, don't get so riled up... that's what they want from you! didn't your momma eva teach you no thang?


Ah not on light blue. You could make the drawing sotra brownish/aged looking, and then put it on a khaki shirt, then it would look more like a da vinci sketch. Then I'd buy it


i like this ,but is definately a rip.


this is why using public domain and sourcebooks is BAD....m'kay

cleaning up the lines is just not enough

oh, and that science ste is American Science and Surplus

but other places probably use it as well


i like anyhow

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

stolen or not stolen the least you can do is give credit where its due.



dig it. could it come in turquoise?


ah-ha, i just got my american science and suplus catalogue the other day, i knew this looked familiar...


Oh man, I looked at this and went 'yes! winner' and now it's uncredited from another source. How annoying.

pocket_penguin profile pic Alumni

YES, I like. However, PLEASE put it on a different color, threadless already has way too many baby blue ones.


I think this is wicked. As in, wicked awesome. I love that guy and I don't know how anyone can say it's uncredited. Flying machines=so cool.


Very cool, I really hope if this gets printed its on a different color of tee.
I also want one of those contraptions, so I can drop water ballons on unsuspecting passer byers.


i like it


i really enjoyed this one - hope it goes through!


wonderfull drawing


what the heck? he credited it like 3 times. 5$


Thanks Rara.. that's what I was thinking.


A couple of different people keep calling he design "uncredited." However, jamco keeps giving credit to the public domain design.

Oh, I just typed that and then saw that rara avis said the same thing. So, I concur with rara avis: you can't tear a man down for something he didn't do.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i understand that you got this from a public image... but no amount of retracing someone elses artwork regardless of how old or unused it is... i would still consider it trying to get credit where credit isnt due. You seem like a decent artist with abit of creativity... try again but make it completely original with your own style, i would like it alot more even if it was just a woman in a whole different pose...

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