March of the Penguins

  • by Haxagor
  • posted Jul 18, 2006

first time ever posting...hope you enjoy

Watch this

ouch, the concept is great, but the boxed look never works out


The boxed look does work. How else would it be pulled off? Never say never.


I like the blue and the orange :)


Yes some people here are such Simon Fowl wannabes:) I think it's great. I'd choose the blue.

the_boxkite profile pic Alumni

You forgot to include Morgan Freeman narrating :)


this is a fabulous shirt! because I heart penguins!!


I realize that everyone loves penguins, hell, I love penguins... but I'm tired of the penguin submissions. This one gets a good score anyway, I was just saying.


maybe in a few more red


a lil too Hilter for me!


Ok, there's only one thing that bugs me here, and I'm totally splitting hairs. But that's a pre-WWII Japanese sun, and penguins live in the southern hemisphere.

Not to be difficult or anything.


Not sure that the sun design is limited to pre-WWII Japan, but it definitely feels like a propaganda / war era poster. My nitpickign is that the penguins look like they're facing the wrong way, ignoring the leader / dictator, and there isn't a whole lot of them. I think you could put space between the podium and the masses, or set it up from a different angle.

ludicrous louisa

Hahahah iconically, I used almost exactly the same colours in a design of mine and I was condemned savagely for my colour choice


the boxed out sun works. think of you sank my battleship.

panda kid

i love how the sun looks. and i think the penguins are just marching down the street and the dictator is saluting to the civilians watching. or w/e.


Mm, I like the idea, but the salute is a little to Hitler-y for comfort - change the angle of the wing and I think it'd be fine, or at least cause less concern for political correctness! I do like the colors, btw.


nice idea and i like the colors...but it's too boxy for my taste

Mazy Mallone

Ack ... too much of the Hitler/ Nazi thing here ... I don't really like ...


ummm.... are those penguin nazis? i really hope not.


but hey, congrats on your first sub!

evade profile pic Alumni

A little questionable as far as the Nazi thing goes.

But I love it. $5.


Penguin + T-Shirt = 5$


Penguins are so hot right now.


very awesome, I like it a lot $5

caitlin k

Ich denke daß du hast rechts Kaleidoscope...


I like the Nazi look of it. 5$


I love penguins, but not this shirt.

Running Out of Line

EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job making fun of the movie if thats the point $5

Annie the Pug

Woah not feeling the Nazi/Hitler/evil penguin thing!! the "march of the penguin" think isn't that funny anyway. I like the colors though.


if the leader penguin was morgan freeman, i'd definately consider buying this, :D


Haha, thats awesome. It follows the typical happy go lucky feel of this site, but still manages to stand out and be funny rather than just "cute"


5$ -- Hahaha I totally love it. Orange totally wins out over the yellow or blue. Oh, penguins... stop taking over the world.


Oh and I feel the need to mention I'm not offended by the Nazi reference at all... though maybe I should be. Being Jewish and all.
Still not offended. I wanna buy it.


I need this...

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