appliance enemies

Watch this

funny, but don't like the illustration style much


I've seen this before but the leaf blower was a fan instead. eh.


WithRedFists... haha didn't it say "blow me"?


Been done before sorry, its an old joke.


i haven't seen it before so i think it's hilarious. $5

SicK PuPPy

LOL, but more work on the illustrations and mayb layout

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Great concept! But I agree with St.Germain and Sick Puppy - the design needs refining.

Royal Sapien
Royal Sapien profile pic Alumni

It's funny, but I saw this exact concept illustrated beautifully at a t-shirt shop in Door County, Wisconsin about 14 years ago. My parents wouldn't let me buy it. I was 10 tho.


Not my bag, but there's a market for it. The layout needs work, the diagonal pattern the two objects make is a bit unpleasing.

P.s. I have a design I have been working on for a while in my blog forum, if you could take the time to critique it I would greatly appreciate it!

slaterock profile pic Alumni

hmm.... the leaf blower was hard to make out at first, i almost thought it was a socket wrench.

slaterock profile pic Alumni

p.s., surreal blue, come on. kinda weak to self promote your design in someone elses submission thread.


I love it but I would love it tons more on different colors (


idea good, execution needs work


i thought it was really funny, but i don't like the illustrations not the color of the shirt. definitively revise and re-submit and it can be wonderful


You're on threadless! I love your website! I gave this a $5 last night without knowing it was yooou! I'm not creepy in real life, don't worry.

morning entry

tired concept and not actually funny


Everyone who cant get links to work listen up..
there is no actual need for the "s around the url. The comment script that threadless uses.. possibly php or similar adds a slash in front in front of the ", thus rendering your html useless. Of course the problem would be solved if they just added a stripslashes function..

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