Rail map of Germany... Maps RULE!!!

Watch this

neat shirt. great detail. :] $4


can't think of anything i'd rather wear on a shirt than a rail map of germany. germany definitely has the best rail maps.


If you turn it upside down, then you can wear it AND use it yourself whenever you're in Germany.


A terrorist would love this shirt! They could wear their maps around so they could keep both hands on the detonator! :o Great work.


Well, the tee color is a little pukey, but I personally never get tired of rail maps. If it were France, I'd buy like four. Don't know about Germany, but that's just me.


No offense, but the phrase 'German rail' still gives me the shivers. Anywhere else and it would be a $5


imagine getting lost in Germany and then using your shirt to find your way around. lol


Haha. Nice ursolame.

I can picture someone coming to you and asking for directions.

I like it, very colorful and interesting. $5


sorry - maps are cool, and i might put it on my wall - but for a shirt design this seems really lazy

it's a scanned map

and it's very similar in idea to the already printed "Follow It" except that was somewhat creative


Hella sick. This must of taken a long time to convert to vectors


Ich liebe Deutschland ? Nah. But the t-shirt's cool.


i like the map idea...could we get more color alternatives, b/c those colors remind me of neon puke...5 for the design...just more colors please


Redrawing raster maps into vector and typesetting 100+ stadts is far from a "lazy" activity Rudra. Do you even know what vector is? eveil lemur gigglez


Dude, thats my store, i've printed this design... wanted to enter it here to see how it did.


heh. that's kinda amazing.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

If you already printed the design and have it for sale, you shouldn't be submitting it to threadless...


I'm lost as to why you would want a trainmap of Germany on a t-shirt in the first place.

Not really my cup of tea. :/

holly golightly

yeah no ones gonna want to buy it now that they know you've already printed it. lame.


Yes mate, probably that's really your store, since someone removed the copy of honest from the catalogue; nice move, but I found you were selling it on eBay so as to me you're still a thief.
Hope someone will report you to Threadless.


it's intellectually lazy, and creatively lazy

and yes I know what vector is

the point is, i don't give a rat's ass how much time you (supposedly) wasted applying a couple of filters

BTW, you're really arrogant to rip-off Threadless on your store, and then try to get more money out of them by submitting your already-printed "design"

"Honest Tee" on black (99 available) in every size, ditto for "God Hates Techno" on grass green - obvious rip-offs, they aren't even the right color

I hope Threadless shuts down your EBAY store and bans you from the site


A few comments about the shirt, it looks like a mess from a distance... way too crowded. I also don't like the image placement on the shirt (too long and two wide). I also agree with a previous comment about looking at a russion rail map doesn't sit real well with me.

My initial thought was that it was a complete, albeit, poorly done knock-off of the t-shirt "Follow-It" from threadless. This bothered me somewhat, but not nearly as much as when I scanned through your ebay shop. I have a feeling that Apple wouldn't be too happy to see you embroidering their emblem on American Apparrel track jackets. And I highly doubt they gave you permission and the rights to do so. The Orwell shirt, the molecular structure of caffeine... also rip offs. I can't believe you're a power seller on ebay and haven't been sued for copyright infringements. I'm pretty sure they will be following shortly.


that would be a cool shirt.


If it were a wrap-around design, I'd totally rock it. It just doesn't look quite right centered... Too perfect.


i hate it i wud give it a negative number if i cud
whoever designed this shirt needs a big slap

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