The Weekend

The Weekend. It\'s a time for physical activity (even if the weather isn\'t perfect), enjoying nature, and spending time with loved ones. An unconventional tribute to the end of the week.

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mahalov profile pic Alumni

that photoshop bird clip art is evvverywhere

Mazy Mallone

Omg! Nice colors ... pretty design. I really love this ... alot. $5

Please Print!


maybe if it was more then one colour, but for now, 4.


I agree with lcarroll... more color maybe. its nice though.


Quite nice, but didn't Ryan McGuiness originate this look?


mucho gusto....i really like the placement...good stuff. 4

morning entry

i didn't really get the feeling of "weekend" from it. looks like a bunch of vector objects stuck together


I'd buy this shirt in a second. FIVE!


cool colours

jim brown

$5.....I could rock some SB dunks with that right there!!!!!


Very trendy, but very cool as well. $5


Hey how about if you put some more of the cursive print in the back on a different color, it would add to the design itself. Other than that good job.


it's a cool design, but it looks like something any trendy tee would have..not those unique quirky stuff Threadless would make..


i agree with jade_hu. but i like that style and the little people in it.

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