Revenge through Inaction

ha ha - great concept!

Watch this

Looks like Bert, Oscar and Dr Honeydew have good reason to be pissed at Fonzie Ernie. Very cute!


HAHA! Took me quite a while to "read" the concept, but I am a little slow.

I like the ida and the illo, just maybe not on a shirt.



looks like seasame street gang


That took too long to look at.

herky profile pic Alumni

This is great, nice characters and illustration. I love how the 2nd creature is getting a noogie.

benny breaks

kinglatifah on Jul 14 '06
That took too long to look at.

velcro® sideburns on Jul 14 '06
"That took too long to look at."

great illustration...




too much going on. is oscar thinking about ernie maing out with him?


Naw, BradLandz, he's giving him a noogie!


I think this would gain a lot in terms of clarity if you could have all three of the characters on the right thinking about the same incident. Also, I don't see why the arms are so different in every picture for the character who is about to die. He is wearing the same jacket each time. I like the arms on the actual character. Nice monster.


Um. If you're going to use the Muppets, make sure that they are, in fact, somewhat muppet-like. I am a Jim Henson addict and it took me reading the comments to figure out who which character might have been supposed to be, and I'm still not sure I think that these people are right. I know that there are copywright issues and such, but clarify without plagarising. It doesn't make sense as is. Also, if you're going with the Muppet thing, use Sweetums or one of the oversized Muppet monsters as the monster instead of something random.

It has potential, but I can't score it as high as I would if it were clearer.

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I like their wiggly-muppet arms. That was always my favorite part about the muppets. I also get a kick out of fonzie-Ernie. But otherwise, I think its a little to complicated to be funny.

jak jak

I like it, but it's too kiddy for me to wear it myself.


way too busy to realize what is going on. But the design is cool.


i like the fact that you look at it for longer than draws you in


hey everybody, thanks for the attention --
FYI, not going for specific muppets/puppets. I actually just saw a puppet show recently, and most of them are stuck together similarly. So, it's "in the style of puppets" b/c that was what was on the brain -- and it seems like a family-oriented motif. My gf also thought it was a lot to look at, but I thought I could live with people spending some time staring. Sorry if that wrecks it for you. Thx!


ooh noogie 5'er


This is a lot like putting an entire comic strip on a shirt. Some people would probably be cool with others taking the time to stare at it and figure out what's going on, but it may be too much for others. Very funny as a cartoon you might see in the paper, but I personally wouldn't want it as a shirt.


There is way too much going on here.

the haggard

wow. words cannot express my pleasure.


I'd like to see the thought bubble a thick white outline rather than filled to balance it out a little. But it's a funny design... just don't wear it if YOU are that guy.


jajaja i loved it.
fonzie ERnie! jajaj


Sesame Street's rejects maybe?

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