please to meet you ............

  • by B14CKM4G3
  • posted Jul 14, 2006

nice reference with the title, and nice looking shirt, just don't know how marketable it is. I'd say add the text, but that may be pushing copyright stuff

Watch this
Salsa Shark

Hope you guess my name? 'Cause what's puzzling you is the nature of my game?

You guys who don't get it need to try listening to the Stones.


Damn kids. It's from Sympathy for the Devil.


The title is.
The shirt has almost nothing to do with that.

Not saying it's bad or good, I just mean that by looking at the design alone, "Sympathy For The Devil" wouldn't come to mind.

alexis leveille

don t worry if you don t get it,sometimes i don t get myself anyway
it was just a design like that....and i didn t know how to name was pusslin' me so i give the first title that came to my mind...this is a cool song....which is link to the devil.....and yes the design has nothin to do with the title but i had to give a name,right?
seems i m not gonna win this time again....nevermind i ll keep on submitting....someday some how...who knows?....have fun and see ya.....


i really like it, though i dont like the stones. its just a cool juxtaposition between a cross and alittle devil buy it.


love it jus i think make it a bit off center or/and lower then id buy it

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