• by biticol
  • posted Jul 14, 2006

original design

Watch this

is roots a company you're working on? I love the design (I"m also obsessed with fro's and trees so I"m a little partial)

I would make the roots blend with the body a bit more, at this point it's very sudden.. you could even make the tree and the hair closer in size.. very beautiful though, I like the strong back


I love this it's friggin awesome. I wish I wasn't such a broke bitch or I'd buy it.


so this chick has roots growing out of her ass? scrumptious.... i wonder if the pain subsides after a while?

Mazy Mallone

that's really pretty ... very awesome. I love it


Sorry to say that there is already a "Roots". I've even seen similar text on their past t's.
I like the drawing though. Does it really need the text?


roots have been done to DEATH but in some strange way I can't say it is useless. Any respect for nature is a good thing

  1. the girl's butt looks a little strange, being just white/the tee color.
  2. i don't think it needs the text -- i'm not always against text, but i think the image is strong enough without it.
  3. i really like the idea, especially the afro.

it reminds me of fullbleed's "know your roots" shirt.


remove the label, and it'd be perfect


i wish i was a strong black woman so i could wear this shirt without getting the evil eye. it's really nice


Uhh and there is also a canadian clothing company called Roots. They make a lot of the olympic clothing, among other things. Ironically their logo is a beaver :)

Captain Dave

there's only one word... badass

jak jak

It's an awesome hip hop band. Nice design.


Wait, are you refering to the book 'Roots'? If so, that's awesome...

mini dukes III

I'm glad some of us know who The Roots are.


haha yeah, come on guys! know your hip hop! i love it. $5


needs a bit more flow for the fro to work with the roots... nice though $4


Fuck!!! really like it, I think you got a good eye man , I love the roots think, it means a lot!!!, Love your designs, Un abrazote loco. Desde el Peru!! El tiiitu


I'd buy that for a dollar... or $15. Bad RoboCop reference, sorry. Good stuff.


Top half is great, roots look a bit like viens or something... poss too many?


all I can think of is:
"What is your name boy?" "Kunta...Kinti..." whip crack

From the mini series Roots (based off the really really thick book I was too lazy to read)

I think it would be an annoying shirt to wear because theres a lot of things related to roots.


stick to your roots.

I enjoy this one, just because thats like my life saying. heh


Very nice! Does it come in other colors? $5


Roots is a major retail clothing store in Canada.

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