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too cute! i love the way you handled the shading and the highlights. good work!


It's like Mary Poppins...cute.


mel great design, 5$


Great illustration and characters.

the czar

The look on the girl's face is great.


yeah, reminds me of mary poppins, only darker. like it.


can the "race" stand out a bit more? it gets a little lost

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration.


It has more than the allowed colors (I counted 6 without counting the shirt color), but I will give you a 4 for the design.

i carnt spel

somethings wrong here maybe just the colour of the shirt... i really like the design:)

empire of infinty

thanks for all the positive comments
there are only four colours theres black, white, the peachy skin colour also light purple
the dark purple is the shirt colour . i think whats happened is that the shading makes some areas look like whole new colours when the designs that small


wha:?... 4 colors. Thats freaking crazy girl. High $5!


nice... and props for not doing a copy and paste on the horses ;)


Sweet. I love the style, and the fact that it's purple. 5.. might buy

filak profile pic Alumni

Really nice illustration.5

Mazy Mallone

thats a pretty cute i like how that little girl has her cute little lollipop, nice work. $5

krad orcen

I'd like to see it on another color, $4

The Discipleship

I like the idea, but not too fond of the execution.
I guess that's not very helpful since that's just your style :\


Great drawing



I love the design, but you spelt it wrong...


oh wait, I get it...

although, if it takes me that long and I'm generally pretty sharp, then i probably wouldn't wear it. Make it wording a bit more obvious and I totally give it $5 +IBI.

Maybe put the hyphens into the actual wording on the design?

empire of infinty

theres no text onthe shirt i only did that as a title for the presentation of the idea


great job with the colours!! i like it!

empire of infinty

this is awesome $5
clearly exploitedfairy isnt as sharp as she thinks she is clearly its aplay on words
read the title of the sub
i personally would like the type on the actual shirt tho

empire of infinty

serisously id give me a 5$ lol
i wish i could have put the type on the shirt i just reallised how odd my last comment looked
thoought id explain

empire of infinty

umm i feel i have to explain this the above two comments arent mine
theyre my mates amy`s she was commenting on my designs and thought she had logged onto her account then realised it looked like i was complementing myself then tried to salvage it with the next statment

thanks allot aims
but no id hate to see the text on the shirt hence why i left it off
but shes right it is a play on words

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