• by tomburns
  • posted Jul 12, 2006

This comment won\'t get posted, so i don\'t know why I\'m writing anything, but...

\"everybody pretend to be normal\" with alien family goodness.

Watch this
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Your comment got posted, except all the quotes have a \ before them.


I like it a lot but I wish the police officer's right leg wasn't bent. Great colors. Wonderful Idea.

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he's walking. do people not lift their legs up when they walk anymore or something? someone else left the same comment on the blog about this. hmmm..


that leg is just up too high to be walking...look in a mirror when you take a step


this looks really great.

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lainiedoodle .... so hes jogging not walking .. what does it really matter you can tell hes in motion and thats what tom was trying for

looks great tom love teh colors


Running would be acceptable for that pose-- I like how he's about to get sucked up in the mother ship :D

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thanks dude.
yeah wullw, that is all you need to know, that he's coming toward the car. if it were lower, you might think he was stopped and then there would be comments on how he should look like he was walking more.
long story short, i didn't even think about it when i was drawing it, so i guess this is what a silhouette walking looks like to me!


Same comment as before about the cop's leg, but otherwise tops! 5$


nice illustration. great for the contest. 5$

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great work, nice colors and illustration.


who runs with their hands to their sides? i lift my leg for walking, but not all the way up to my knee. i do like the illi tho. nice job.

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holy crap, people be hatin on good ole' officer luke high-walker!
listen, maybe he has a groin injury or something


i have no problems with the leg... love this :)


HE TAKES GIANT STEPS. cops tend to do that


Ummmmmm yea Tom I'm going to need you to go ahead and make his leg about 4mm inch lower and while you're at it please add some more space between the tread on the tires, and maybe some more stars uh... oh yea and I'm going to need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday.

No wait. How bout don't change a thing. Abtucterific mista burns. $5


The red adds so much. I LIKE


just about to say that. i really like the red. And the title. Great.


The red makes it look like
there's a fire behind the car.


He looks like he's walking from the waist up, but he looks like he's running from the waist down. One leg thrown behind like that is running. Walking is putting one foot IN FRONT OF the other while the other leg remains stationary.


Great work on the colors and overall composition. I really don't understand why there's a UFO in the sjy if the aliens are out joyriding. I guess it could be on autopliot, but there's a tractor beam on the copper. I almost think the tactor beam on the cop would make a cool design in itself.


I love the mischievous smile on the driver alien! $5

velcro® sideburns

effin' A

..aside from aformentioned policeman gait issues which have been covered so i'll say no more...


i think the leg makes it look kind of cool, i like it. i love the front bumper sticker... $5


just what vulcan said, except multiply the love by a googleplex!

$5 all the way man!


I absolutely LOVE it! My favorite is the little alien with the beanie in the back seat-priceless! (and I didn't even notice the policeman's leg until I read everyone's gripes about it- I just got the sense of movement)


to speak to your question, people rarely life their feet more than a few inches off the ground when they're walking. it's to minimize energy expenditure: you already have to move the foot back to front, why lift it too? that's why you're getting the feedback. you could do a web image search and just look at the pictures.


Is a police officer hopscotching his way to a car full of aliens that are on fire? What's going on here?


I understood the entire shirt right away. Neat.


i think it looks like he's running. what's the big deal with the leg? leg-supporters unite!


i like how all of these comments have spawned into an in-depth discussion about the physics of human motion.

Regardless, nice submission.

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