Except After See

This shirt is for English teachers...

Watch this

Yeah, I think teachers and kids would dig this, but the color is a bit intense for me.

Also I think the placement of the eye in the word bubble/jheart makes that read like a head (maybe intentional?).

Cute illo.


A bit big on the shirt but a 5 cuz the monkey/gorilla/yeti is awesome.


i like the monster thing.


great on black, yuck on brown and navy.


i before e except after c
and when sounding like a as in neighbor and weigh
and on weekends and holidays and all throughout May
and you'll always be wrong no matter WHAT you say!!

Oh how I love you, Brian Regan.

good shirt, too.


Very cute. Would make a great kids tee, I think. Would have to be on black, though; otherwise, you'll be over the colour limit.


Very nice job...I actually love the bold colors....go well with your bold drawing style.


Mike Laughead
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The dark color of the shirt is the fifth color so I'm okay.

The colors are actually Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White.


Second only to the wormfood design, I picture my kid in this shirt.


Lovin it!!!


Yes this needs to be printed. I'd marry the sleepy Monkey!


love the simple quirky design - fantastic colours!


this is my favorite thing that ever happened


yeah... an amazing kids tee for sure!


I love it! I wish the design was a little smaller on the shirt though. Then I'd buy it.


on black and buy! this would help me (and others) remember how to spell correctly xD


yes eye bee for e... duh. i would wear this every day and be stinky.


this is so cute!


with a similar graphic on the back that said 'except after C' i'd go for it - i was always taught it as a rhyming couplet...


i dont care what other people think, those colors make my eyes burn.


I am an english major, future english teacher slash monster with her eyes closed saying "I before E...". Try some different colors if you want my $. I give it a 4.

Mike Laughead
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I understand your feelings about the bright colors, do you think this same design would look better with muted colors? I have a feeling that it would end up looking like crap.


you should put the bee closer to the 4 so it looks like the word "before" and not seperate words.

best on black...and there are other bright colors besides CMYK


haha, clever! the monster dude looks very persnicketty in a coolio kinda way. makes me smile.

Nobody Dies in London

I will buy this shirt for my mom (she's an English teacher). 5$


I don't like it on any of the provided colours. Grrr


if it was a little smaller and on black..

besides that, my teachers would be thrilled


I love the concept, I just wish the speech bubble was a little smaller and not right over his head... otherwise this English teacher gives mass props $4!

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