• by C_ROK06
  • posted Jul 12, 2006

i love the colors and the concept for sure. the fire coming out of one of the valves looks more like paint brush bristles than actual fire... but it's nice. i think i would wear this.

Watch this

not to be mean or anything, but is it farting on the left? i just find that it's hilarious


both of you are polite but ridiculous. its totally fire and nothing is fart like about it. $5


That is really cool. I would explore some other shirt colors. I think black would look cool. $5

Mazy Mallone

Intresting stuff, I like it ... but I don't.

It's a really inresting concept though.


Love the design, but maybe check out some other color combos? I agree that it would look cool on black. $5


Very cool. I love anything with a heart. $5


marmalade_skies >>I find that not.


$5 lotta good submissions today, for a change.


Well yes I think the heart thing has been done before...like five million
frickin times...none the less this one is well executed, although
I would not wear it because of trendy-ness, I'm sure a lot of people who still like skulls, drips, nautical stars and so on would...
Nice job on the style and colors...


give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which i desire.


the heart is not realistic enough for me. Sorry, I'm premed


I enjoy the artsiness of the heart. It looks really neat. I love how its the engery source, the engine, and the exhaust all in one. Goodrusty red color choices.

jak jak



Mmmmm fire. I'm a pyro and I take fire to heart. if a pit isn't burning right I'd fix it immediately. remember, practice safe fire building and fire extinguishing. $5 i'd buy

the haggard

yeah the fire kindof looks like work by the good doctor seuss. but this is sweet. $4

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