in gods\' image

that's awsome.

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Cool illustration but I feel the wooden figures at the bottom detract from the overall shape.


i like it. if i weren't religious i think i'd buy it. 4



Darkie profile pic Alumni

Nice illo, like how you've left the figure on the left faceless. 5$


I don't. I think it's a cop out. But other than that i think it's gorgoeus.



gorgoeus = gorgeous

grayehound profile pic Alumni

gorgeously drawn and the main shape is good, but gotta agree that the wooden figures at the bottom aren't necessary

Gringz profile pic Alumni

well drawn! cool


i think he left the face out because of all that stupid controversy over depicting allah/muhammad


awesome design. i think id prefer it without the stick figures below and with the design centered on the chest. great idea though. 5 bones!


not fair, the elephant has four arms!


great idea, great execution, would like just a tad bit more space between the figures so as to see at least ganesh's face a bit more.


Love this, but it is fairly unrealistic. Jesus packs way more heat than that. $5

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Design is teh superb. Placement is so-so. Much better if colored to see the details at its best.


I really like it. Keep the wooden figures. And I kinda wish Muhammad had a face, I really doubt this shirt would cause a holy war.

I could be mistaken though, lol. $5

fangoriously world-class and grand

Ya but come on. The people at the bottom being more peaceful than the gods? Give me a break.
It’s totally mankind’s fault for all the division/ strife between the religions

But anyway
I like the design if you change the people. Either get rid of them or make them fighting also


Jesus needs a bigger gun. Great art, interesting statement!

Darkie profile pic Alumni

I think the fact that muhammed has been left faceless serves better to reflect on the conflict at hand and at the same time not offend as many people, if any.

Also, figures should stay.


This one is great, but I don't think the figures should stay.


$5 without the dummies!


I think the faceless muhommad is a suitable compromise and nowhere near cop-out status. I'm not sure about the figures on the bottom, however. I get it, but I don't think it's conveyed easily enough. Something is missing down there.


lol i do like how muhammad has a klashnikov tho


really cool, except I think it's a little crowded, maybe it's just the prospective of their heads and upper bodies being so much bigger than their feet... and I also don't think the wooden figures are necessary.

But I love the concept and the artwork.


Lose the figures at the bottom.


Smart smart smart. Very interesting -- and for the gun people, I think Jesus' use of the all-American six-shooter is sort of appropriate, since Christianity is the dom cultural flavor in the USA.
I like the human figures, and especially love the detail that they are artists' model wood figures.
This works on sooo many levels. Truly outstanding.

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

i love this. I'd buy it for sure.


Lovely but I'd like to see it in other colors


i agree take out the figures at the bottom

Terry Citizen

wow. that is an awesome illustration.


simply awesome design. the wooden figures are distracting and the 3rd man needs a face; he's too asymmetrical. Great job.


he doesn't need a face, read the above stuff... also Mexican standoffs are always good.

ziggy1283 profile pic Alumni

"Did you know Jesus and Moses used guns to defeat the Romans?"

It's clever, but it's not like Jesus/Muhammad/Ganesh were violent. It's the extremist fundamentalists who turn their messages into hate. Makes it look like they're the bad guys/gods but we humans get along oh-so-peacably. Not so much.


the wooden models look like 2 drunk guys stumbling through an alley

schwa Cross

sad but true..
nix the wooden models


this is so amazing. i absolutely must have it! it's a clever idea with amazing execution and i hope to god it gets printed!


staffell profile pic Alumni

This is ace, the colours are well thought out, and the illustration is great. The only thing I would say is that the placement on the shirt is a bit odd. 5

cast the sky

you have a lot of talent... to bad you have no understanding of history or theology. you loose major points for that.


a cheesy title could have been 'reservoir gods'


I really like this but I don't like that Ganesh is in the center. Somehow that doesn't work for me. Maybe replace him with Buddha?


i like ganesh, people always use buddha in things like this
plus the extra arms help
and i agree with all the wooden figures comments, it could do without them $5


I really like it... new idea with great execution, I only wish that there was more space so you could identify the 3 easier...

and "cast the sky" ^ can go bite himself... thank you...


yeohgh profile pic Alumni

AWESOME!!!! love it,,$5,,, the shirt design can do without the wooden figures,,it already speak for themselves!!!

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