• by mcpoodle1
  • posted Jul 11, 2006

hmmm... i've seen three shirts like this in the past three weeks. i think i like the other's better (the two cmyk's). nice thought though. maybe it'd be better if it were rgb?

Watch this

at first look i took it for granted, but that is pretty funny.



this reminds me of an undergrad psych experiment i particated in....


i think its far better than the other ones.


What bothers me about this design is, I've seen it before, and it's not really a "design"- It takes like one minute to do?


yeah it's a pretty old idea. I've seen it on shirts before, but not on threadless (that I can recall).

Mazy Mallone

Woow ... I did! I actually did it.

I read the word, and not the color.

Haha, nice.


damn, i've been bamboozled! i retract my earlier statement! sorry, this is really funny. and it obviously works..i'd get it


im sure the idea isnt yours, type choice isnt that great, placement and size isnt that great.. yeah just dont really like it beyond the novelty concept.


gday people - this is my design.
Thanks for your comments so far - yep i know that it doesn't take much 'design', in the classical sence of complex vectors or detailed drawing, but I like it because there's a bit more too it than originally appears - see mcpoodle's comments for proof of that!
Thanks for voting, and you comments are all appreciated, critical, constructive or congratulatory!


Hehe...funny. But the colors hurt. The idea is nifty though.

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