skull with helmet?

Watch this

Why Does Everybody Keep Doing These Fetus-Looking Things?

Sir. Caius

yeah! men, this is wath i call an ¨albur¨ you know.
I really like it, please send me one if you win.


nice. eros-life instinct and thanatos-death instinct. i like... but i think it would be better without the helmet... it makes it seem like your talking about war in some way... yup 4buy


oh yea... i want it! haha.


barbed wire umbilical cord=creepy.. but i like the idea, now that i know what it means (thanks c_rok).

The Golden Sparrow

fetus + skull + military reference = you know what.

Cool layout though.


That's a very good idea, honey!

$5 and, I will buy it...


Rok06, not quite.
Eros = Love, not life.
So the baby is meant as a work of love I presume.

0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

Am I the only one that noticed this has 6 colours??
Isn't the max 4? or did they change it?


I thought that eros meant romantic love? wouldn't be better if you did agape (or however you spell it) which is sacrificial love? I don't know...


beginning and finish, !!! excellent concepts !!!
.... it follows with those good designs

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What a poor illustration....and why did you pick such a bizzare placement?


This reminds me too much of my ex-husband.


yes eros is sexual love.. agape is sacrificial and philio is friendly/brotherly...
if youre going to make a statement you should probably know what the proper terms are...
i like it in your background with the lines over it.. maybe incorporate that? and clean up your illo


i love the idea, but it feels a bit clunky or something, mostly the helmet it's too flat. i'd try reworking the helmet and fetus, give them a bit more texture or depth somehow and then it'd be a 5$ for sure.


eros is considered the god of love when you refer to mythology... but in psychology eros is the life instinct.


if you had made the helmet actually like have bullets goin around or a card, it would be awesome. but i just dont know about the baby. sweet design though


Aaaaargh Freud, make it go away.
Eros = sex instinct.
Thanatos = death instinct.
Together they make up the id.
Believe me, I got a high distinction for Psych this semester at Uni.

Interesting thing to think about: is the combination of the sex instinct and the aggression/death instinct the reason that when we get mad at people, we tell them to 'get fked/fk off?'

Oh god, shut up Sarah.


haha @ ducky $2 for design


nice ducky. perhaps i should take up psych again eh? ^_^



care to share your thoughts behind the design? I can think of something, but curious to hear what's it's meant to "mean"

The Dirty Fish

Hey I spy a little baby on a string in that skull fellow's head

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