hrm .. call me stupid .. but i dont get it ...

Watch this

I'm With punkypumpkin On This One..

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I'm with swintpoof with this one also.


it's cool...but what is it?


I'm with kaloyster with this one too.

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see blog for details/explanation on this design


hey alright! something i get. i took typography! :)
$4. different color tho


you know ... greeked text! like in Quark and InDesign ... guess it's a designer thing.

I like it!


i get it, still blah... maybe if it had some ungreeked text too, or if it was smaller, as greeked text is.


I'm with Janicious with on this one


if i have to check your blog...then the design can't stand on it's own. ZERO


sorry dude, way over most folks heads.
hope you had fun with it though.


if someone sees you wearing this and asks what it can't just tell them to check your blog.

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This idea was based on how you can view a shirt. When you use a design program like indesign or illustrator and you have zoomed out from the layout, it 'greeks' the type so you can't read it (it turns the type into horizontal bars).

The majority of shirts have a message on them and I wanted to find a way to rethink how the viewer looks at a shirt. So I created a shirt that when someone is a long distance from someone else, the type on their shirt would be 'greeked' out. Bringing the design world of the computer to reality.

I'm aware that not everyone will get this...but I just wanted to express an idea. And if someone were to ask about what I'm wearing, I would love to explain all that. It's good to make people think and then interact with you.

Enjoy, or not. Just for fun.


Katherine Patton

but...isnt't all the greeked text one color?
interesting idea though
if it was really small it would make more sense wouldn't it

anyway...nice idea


I'm with Gnu on this one...

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