drying on the line

  • by rpchan
  • posted Jul 10, 2006

How to notice guys that are afraid to skinny dip, without girls.

Watch this

LOVE this! Would wear it all the time.

schwa Cross

there goes that peeping tom thing again...nice trailer...where are the panties? Not sure about the box around it though...like it better on white but only because you can't see the edges.

Mazy Mallone

the little trailer is cute.

i carnt spel

i like it, really like your style... get rid of the big white rectangle next time but!

there is heeps more potential here though... some kind of narative with the clothes perhaps... dream a little more:)


on white would be terrific!



I agree, without the white box would be much better.


yes I had a lenghty tet-a-tet with myself about the box...

I stand by the box for a crisp 'Photographic quality" of the white box.., a modern memory in lew of a sans white box fanciful fleeting thought...

I did try it sans white box, but I did not really care for the result prior to reducing it down to the 4 color version.

I also toyed with a irregular or torn look for the border, but for consistency with more than just a white shirt I liked the white box instead...

but still it is great to have every one agreeing with a me choosing the wrong fork in my road of evolving my art. I hope an evolutionary dead end is not for me ^_^


what the thing to the left


i mean right


on the right. it is a teardrop style trailer... but a bit larger than one of those.

Like the TARDIS or the camp tents in "the Goblet of Fire"

Soma Cruz

Sweet design.

And you win bonus points for refrencing Dr. Who in your comments.


the mobile home i presume it is... kinda looks like cindarella's carriage to me


It reminds me of a Norweigen film I once watched

p.s. i like it.


Oh, I love to think about what happened after Cinderella got her foot in that slipper... I like that she still does the laundry... or maybe she and the prince split; she got the house; he got the pumpkin carriage, and he's doing his own laundry... love the shirt!


me like. in white. would like it on a white tank top a la "wifebeater"

sweetsputnik in no way condones domestic violence*


YEAH!! The trailer parks are where the par-tae is at!




I love this one. Very unique. I'd like to see a little bit more color on it though. Just a tad!

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