• by jimmyh
  • posted Jul 10, 2006

This piece is the end result of much labor and market research by far too many to name here, but a big thanks to you all! Our goal was to create the one, single cypher for this, our generation of lost women children. Our research tells us that the human woman\\'s favorite creatures in adolescence are the unicorn, the butterfly, and the dolphin. Thus is born the Unibutterdolflycornphin, the decantation of the girl-child\\'s dreams, and comfort giver in this ever more bleak social landscape to the woman grown. But Unibutterdolflycornphin is merely the flagship entity in a fleet of cute and methodically marketed hybrid entities know as the Incredorables! Provided civilization lasts long enough, available Christmas 2014!

Watch this

HAHAH!!! I can just see a team of threadless marketers behind the two way mirror with their clipboards!

Not too sure about his "organ", but I would wear this while eating turducken. If the design was smaller buy about 40%.


Every little girl's dream!


shrink the design a bit and youre rockin'


it needs an eyepatch and some incredulous fruit, but I like it.

Mazy Mallone

Oh that's just strange.

It's nice ... but I wouldn't wear it. lol!


Dear Miss Mallone,

Though they fly in the face of the entirety of our research, thank you for your comments. I'll be sure to pass your remarks on to Mr. Harley. However busy he may be, he always takes the time to read all remarks from the appropriate market segment. Please understand that in the interests of brevity, your remarks may be edited to read: "Oh that's just beautiful. It's easily the greatest thing I've ever seen ...but I can only purchase ten."

Warmest regards.


maybe on some nice pastel colors?
and def please get rid of its bulge.


hahahaha i would so wear this if it had the title on it!! haha


Your comments are high-larious! And the concept is superawesome! I would sport this with pride, and nostalgia for the days of my girlhood.


Dear Miss Dooto,

You have no idea how happy your comments have made our statistitians; last quarter's "computer" simulations predicted your response with near total accuracy. We missed your conjoining of "super" and "awesome", and, due to the limitations of our spell checking algorithm, we are unable to simulate hipisms like "ginormous" or, in this case, "high-larious". Needless to say, we've got a plant full of nerdlingers eager to make you're acquaintence. Why, I think ol' Wesley might even be hearing wedding bells!

Thank you again, Miss Dooto, for your ninetyninth percentile response. You promise to keep behaving, and we'll promise to keep giving you what our spreadsheets tell us you want.

Warmest regards,
Mr. Harley


the name is REALLY funny and i would kind of like it on the shirt somewhere not obnoxious.... sleeve? back??? something. and i agree with the size comments. god i love this hideous frankenanimal.


im a guy and i love it

that might not be good...



Dear Miss Mrdantownsend,

Unibutterdolflycornphin is your plush aggregate pal. If you have gender, creed, or color, Unibutterdolflycornphin is intended specifically for You!

If symptoms of confusion and/or confusion-based pleasure continue, discontinue use of Unibutterdolflycornphin immediately.

Warmest regards.


I'd buy just because of the crazy name. I can see it happening "what in the world is that?!?" "well, its a Unibutterdolflycornphin of course!"


well designed, but i think it would give me nightmares!


if it were smaller, i would definately buy that next time i decided to go on a buying spree

tee love

maybe a little smaller, but i would definitely buy this just because it made me laugh for a while


Haha, it's cute. But I think it'd be better as a plushie than a shirt.


i agree with making it smaller.


for some reason it reminds me of a kangaroo... its cute though.


cute, but i don't like the eyeball. it creeps me out.
i think you should write the name of it somewhere -- on the back or the sleeve would be funny.


Sweet. I agree with whootie, put the name on the back or sleeve. $5 for originality.


hahahahahahaha what. i love it.

Bluebirdiesinger profile pic Alumni

I love all these creatures, they look a little creepy this way,but I still like the idea. (My favorite is still dolphins and unicorns, from when I was little up to now) I hope civilization lasts long enough, as you said, for you to put out your line of hyrbid "Incredorables".


Dear Miss Bluebirdiesinger,

From your keyboard to the Creator's inbox!

Warmest Regards,
Mr. Harley


To All To Whom It May Concern,

Regarding scaling and/or text placement: good idea!

Our staff of college-graduated draftsmen are sharpening their pencils and cracking their aching knuckles and are eager to affect the changes you have suggested. We, of course, would like nothing more than to provide you with a garment bearing the licenced image of a creature that meets the common denominator of your aesthetic sensibilities. We appreciate your comments ...except that one about the eye. That comment was wrong - I mean, come ON! The EYE is the whole freaking point! JESUS!

...It is at times like these Mr. Harley truly appreciates that it does, indeed, take a village.

Warmest regards,
Cyrus Nilbinder,
Dir. Consumer Response and Hygiene


I like it, but please do not put it on natural or white. That's for lazy artists.


seems to big for it's simplicity.

pocket_penguin profile pic Alumni

Does....does it have a little package? There, in between its legs?

miciah profile pic Alumni

looks chameleon


hahaha, i like it .

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