The Lark Technician

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I love the concept (and definition) of a lark technician. The figures on this shirt just look like the kind of teeth you see on posters in the dentist's office, though. Is that on purpose? If not, try and make them look less like teeth.


Yes these are teeth. a lark comes out of your gob, so before you can access the fun zone you have to sacrifice some teeth. but they know it is worth while thats why they smile.

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i like the use of overlapping colors- it's something i really don't see here and have been wanting to use myself....


It's a great concept, and cute... but all the colors are equally transparent which makes it really busy. It's hard to focus on oen thing because the images are so overlapped. I'd make the teeth and tad darker and the yellow and green not so bright. Then you'd really have something there.



yum yum. warms my summer gutts all nice.


its cute but i dont like the font


I love the overlapping colors, and I like the placement. Certainly the caption will be a conversation starter, so wear this to the Starbucks if you're trying to hit it with the cute Barrista. The floating sad (well, maybe sad-ish) eyes (those are eyes, right?) above the figures is a very intersting detail. Yes, it's busy, but because of the placement that kind of works for me. I sort of agree with the above comment about the font-- with so much happening in the design mmmmaybe a cleaner set of letters -- but on the other hand, it suits the mood of the design nicely as is. Four.

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I like the overlapping colors, but would threadless print this if it won?


Looks like a CMYK process color job, which would mean it's 4 colors.

But since there's no magenta, I'd substitute it for a clear gloss to pop this sucka out. Nice design.


you sweet thing. i want your t-shirt.
really nice, i'd go for white.


Eh. I like the concept lots, but I'm not convinced the brilliance of this mysterious instigator of fun who comes out of one's mouth is really captured in the design.


yeah, there definitely are more than 4 colors, unless threadless can print transparency

but it's pretty good nonetheless


they are cute ,but i dont like the font.


Although you probably made this using transparency, I have a feeling that if printed, it would just be printed as individual colors where they would print green and not an over lap of cyan and yellow.

Other than that, I like it, it seems almost like an xray at the dentist. It's kind of randomly cool.

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