Two to tango? since when.

  • by _lakeside
  • posted Jul 09, 2006

i dont think it turned out THAT bad... least i dont think it did :D

i do like the colours, but i was a bit iffy about using the sketchy idea for it :/

Watch this

was this in here the other day?


not that i know of o.O;; this is my first design, only submitted once


This was heree the other day. I'm pretty sure I voted on it.


why do you have two accounts? I think its against the policy. Or is someone trying to mock you?.. Im confused.


yeah, the same design was in here...?


lakeside, you obvious submitted it twice under a different name. i imagine it might have been a mistake. i'd email threadless and ask them to remove one of these. it will hurt your score to have two of the same running together.

Mazy Mallone

I think i already voted on this ...


i already voted on this.


Already voted on this before when it was submitted through the other account. This has happened before (with one of the accounts being set so others can't see their profile in both cases). I will give the benefit of the doubt that this was done accidentally and not to try and keep resubmitting designs, so I will not give any points to any of the designs (in case one is original and the other one is stolen) until this gets settled. =^_-=


This is strange. Someone is a little sub ninja. Rawr at him. Shoo.

Although this person might not be the ninja... It kinda works with the whole little miss sunshine deal... The faker better act normal or I'll hang him by his neither parts.


i m soooo sure i voted be4...nothing change...


ehh my other account got deleted and i emailed threadless to remove the other one before i made this new one. ugh.

i'll email them again asap!


emailed them!

im sorry guys if it caused any annoyance seeing it twice, i thought it hadnt got submitted as i never got the email :/
but it should be sorted out asap!

and hope it doesnt effect scoring! D=


I think this is the third time I've voted on this one.


How did you submit through it if the other account got deleted? How can you sub through a deleted account?


Both accounts are still active and both designs are up for scoring. Once one of them is out I will score accordingly.


Also, it has 5 colors: black, brown, skin color, dummy color and the pink on the girl's outfit. The design is cute though.


If an account is deleted, how can you submit a design through it? Is she really just sandbagging a secondary account for comment-fluffing her subs?


im so confused.


i don't like the sketchiness of it. but the concept is fab.


there is no need for people to be compete morons about this accident. i explained in comments above whats happened yet i still get idiotic things like;

"reeee suuuub"

like i've said, the threadless guys are sorting it out.
i emailed them DAYS before i submitted on nayers account to cancel the submission and as i never got an email confirming it was in the running like, a week later, i assumed they had done so and then made my new account.

now if people would kindly FORGET about the other one as its most likely in the process of being deleted, can they get over the fact that it is NOT a resub.



there, the other one has been removed.

so not i am NOT 'sandbagging' for more comments, subs, scores whatever.

it was all just me assuming something that threadless had done.
which i apologised for.

so stop being so damn mean ¬¬


(not gonna be an ass about the resub) I think it looks best in the lower corner. i like the illustration, though the manikin throws me off, i just think it needs a little more work, i cna't quite put my finger on it. or maybe just in my personal taste i don't like the manikin. But i really like your girl and would like a tshirt like this. 4


I would almost like to see the mannequin be the color of the shirt.


2nd time?

carazuri DOES take two to tango...

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