• by illogikal
  • posted Jul 09, 2006

my first design, i hope you\'ll enjoy it...

any kind of comment would be appreciate..

Watch this

that is REALLY big.

  1. that is outrageously enormous.

  2. are you saying milk is a bad thing that people get addicted to and end up losing their brains? I don't know anyone addicted to milk. the idea is not really making much sense.
Mazy Mallone

yeah ... it is pretty big. tone it down a bit. other wise, i love it.


Milk Plus is from A Clockwork Orange
it's the drugged up drink that Alex and his friends get high on before going and beating people down


maybe a teeny bit smaller and it's a $5


It's fine at that size. Being big is not a sin.


Too big, but cool.

the_boxkite profile pic Alumni

Sorry, I am lactose intolerant. I think it needs to be waaaaaaaaaay bigger as well.


ah I missed the clockwork reference, good catch trevorsan.


The big is good - makes for a strong graphic punch.
I'm dazzled by how quickly the commentators here catch even the most arcane (although Clockwork is classic more than arcane) references, allusions and inspirations.
Y'all are a tough room.


Loving the Clockwork allusion, but it definitely needs to be about 15% smaller.


I like it. I know alot of people that should be wearing it!!!


I don't get it.

Of course, it's 2.22 in the morning. So you know.


I hate everyone that says it's too big. This is America people, bigger is better. I'm not that crazy about the design but I would like to see more people printing their stuff so large that the whole image doesn't even fit on the shirt unless it's a xxxl. I don't really hate anyone. I just think that sometimes, people dislike the one thing about a design that makes it different from all the others, I thought the whole poin of this website was to get truly creative, yet we keep seeing very similar styles if not nearly identical designs.


i like the design large if there's enough detail and complexity to justify it. this is a neat little design, but it's pretty flat, simple, clean, pared-down. i'm not saying large designs have to be busy, or clean designs have to be small. i'm just saying that, IMHO, this design doesn't benefit from being so large.

other than that, good reference, and clever illustration :)


You'd have to have really appreciated A Clockwork Orange to get this shirt. It went right over my head before I read the comments; the thing I notice most about the design is that the carton seems to be tipping forward into space from the shirt. Maybe that's cool; it makes me feel like backing up. Anyway, the moral is that I personally think a good design has more universal appeal; specific references like this are for publicity merchandising. Kind of like when people write about their designs in Spanish or French. I speak French, but still--a tee from Threadless already says you lean toward the esoteric. No need to pinch off your own little club of only-this-kind-of-person-will-get-my-design.


keep it big, but move it down a bit from the neck. i love milk and this shirt. maybe loose the "your morning addiction"? also just a little nit-picky, the bar codes' perspective is slightly off. sweet design!


A Little moloko before the mornings ultra violence?

I like the concept, but its positioned oddly. I agree with Beachfloat, move it down a little. I love the detail in the brain.


it reads kinda like getting addicted to milk makes you loose your brain? whaaa?


I'm addicted to milk, and I'm fine! I think. Milk is awesome. Without the brain thing, I'd wear this because it's milk.


hmmm... yeah, it's a good idea, but i think the reference is gonna be lost on your average passer-by. without knowing what it means, it looks like some sort of PETA campaign.

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