Ego Smells Good

My commentry on the marketing techniques used to sell fragrances.

Watch this

Lol. Very true.


hilarious, you seriously crack me up


i'm gonna have to agree with the above. although i love the fact that it is a very unique style, and i do like the style, and believe it or not i have seen other people with a very similar style, but i can't see wearing a shirt with a design like this on it.


Banana Phone. Stop doing this. Your never going to win. Cause your designs suck...


I'd buy it. I'm a girl.

Your designs definitely don't suck. You might wanna just have your own line, though. Like, away from threadless--where people don't appreciate it as much as they shouuuuuld. :)




--theowlrulestheworld is a jerk. With that said, I could see wearing something you created--it has an intentional childlike look to it. I would really like to see you style in something that's really weird, like a doodle someone did on acid.


I would much rather see this on tv than those dumbass AXE commercials.


^ like the new one with the clicker


yeah - i love guys who smell like Raid

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The speech bubble also goes with the banana if you know what I mean.

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Yeah some of those deodorant ads are pretty much soft porn, I really don't likey. . .


HAAAaaaha people on this site are such WANKERS banana- dont let them tell you you suck cos all they want to see are guns and vectorised crap on their lame tshirts. They are 16 year olds who dont know anything about design. But they can use their parents credit cards to buy tshirts online.
Ahhh funny world we live in.
I love your design bananaphone- you arethe most distinctive designer on this site.
much love bro.


Ahahaha I adore it. J'adore. The latest in designer fragrances. J'adore. The smell of sex.

I love your designs banana. Genuinely.

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I hate Axe and their fragrance commercials.

Addicted to Colour
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Bananaphone - you suck!

HAHA! Just kidding - i like it! I love that it has a message too! Have you tried to get these printed anywhere else? You should really try. I would say start your own brand, but that takes some work and money.

Anyway, I do think your designs should be on shirts . . . i don't think i would be able to submit so much without getting printed - but good on yah mate!


the drawing is sorta crappy but i love the idea.


i love your style and would buy every shirt you ever made if i had the money :)


go bits! bits! bitty?


Lol this thing says be nice... is that too hard to follow?

Anyways, seems like the message your sending might not work on a t-shirt. Better suited to a book, or collection of art work that's grouped my a similar theme. In this case, anti-advertising. I think most people wanna wear a shirt that has some recognizable something on it, whether it's a band logo, something really pretty, or some other logo. This pretty much goes against the grain in that regard, which I admire. It's just.. swimming upstream.

So in short, good concept, just wrong place to market it


If you started your own t-shirt line, I'd buy every design.
As always, $5.


reminds me of that south park episode where the whole city was taken over by smug.


I think that threadless is spitting you, 'cause obviously their are people that would buy anything that your design- skills graced upon...not me, but people.


I've admired your style for awhile and now, and I can finally say I've found a shirt of yours I'd wear :D $$5 fantastic.

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dude just get a site going already and sell these sweet shirts
you could start a cult following overnight


dude, i'm not saying your shirts suck, i'm just saying that threadless as threadless will probly never print a shirt with a design like yours on it. your design belongs in a frame, not a shirt.


nice illustration, TOO BIG!


I like this best of your submissions, probably because this one says something that I understand. $5 and applause.

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if anyone wants to know news about my designs (aka when I get prints done and so forth) then email and let me know.

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dont ever give up...
not that you ever would.

i love the little banana hes holding... self reference, perhaps?


i hope you added me to your mailing list banana, you should have my email!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

no, i don't have your email nate. You should follow instructions and make life easy Cough cough =)


bananaphone, you are great. ♥


Keep trucking, mate. You have personality and guts and, even better, you have no vectors. 5 and that money symbol thing.


realy nice ..i love it

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