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Hmmm....wait, what?

Watch this

this is really powerful...
i feel like there is a disconnect though between the red shrapnel flying off and the rest of the piece... maybe a thin black outline incorporated into them as well? and a little more detail into the puddle and the clouds maybe...
really great though!


a bit big for my liking,maybe if it was on the back?but love the design!


Take it as you see it. Nothing more, nothing less.


WOW...i really am drawn to this in a strange way...its such a simple but impacting image.very nice 5!


If this got printed I would buy it for my conspiracy theorist friend who thinks that 9/11 was a government plot to justify a war in Iraq.

ChromeLegend #2

You should of called thhe shirt, "Picking uo Loose Change." If you havnt seen the movie, that probably doesnt make sense.


Yes, I've seen it. Interesting.


Very cool shirt....maybe now is a good time to make a shirt about the occuring Korean conflict. Nice graphic, easy to print too....all around good job!


Is there a plane crashing into the pen? If not, I don't see what is.


yeah this gave me a very large "Loose Change" vibe. even if it wasn't what you were going for, that's what I'd wear it for.


It's a little big, but I really do like it.

anne rhymes with

i like the fact that the design is big.

some of the shirts on threadless that have small designs look cheap.


::claps and giggles::
Hey now make one about the fake moon landings! OH OH, i want one about the 2nd JFK shooter!



I'm working on that moon landing design. It should be up once threadless approves it. :)


ummmmmmmmm...not to be mean or anything but it looks like a bloody tampon to me....


ballpoint pen gets 9/11'd in half, clouds and pink ink blobs/drools and cheese wedges emerge


I agree, too big on the shirt, but I like the design.

panda kid

this is great. loose change is great. i believe some of it and im still mad. If i wore this, i would get so much comments. that could be a thumbs up or thumbs down.

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