The new trend


Watch this

of bad desgin >?>


uh.......I don't get it.

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ARE YOU SERIOUS? This IS the new trend?




Explanation: this competition is to make a new trend, new looking tees... and all the submissions are always very figurative (with drawings, illustrations) or contain text. therefore, we always "understand" them, so I wanted to go for something purely visual... playing with geometry and colours... trying to create an impact like painters did in the past... forgetting about a tee that will "mean" something, and making it just decorative...


do you understand now?


close your eyes and imagine it on... ;o)


i get your concept but i don't find it aesthetically pleasing at all


therefore it isnt the newest trend. being avant garde isnt always bad. but it usually is.


This would take literally less than 10 seconds to make in Illustrator:|

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A simple design, not bad not great. You have wicked good color combos, though.


It isn't about the difficulty of the design, it is about the idea behind... anybody can copy Miro, or Picasso or Mondrian, but, they were the first to do their job...


I think some of you have very narrow minded views. I don't mind if you don't like my design, I am truly proud of it - perhaps this was the wrong site to send them to... you seem to want to stick to the same style t-shirts. I was competing for a "new trend" theme... but if the voters don't understand that, oh well....


i don't have a moral problem with it or how much skill it took.
its just dull.
and i do have a problem with that


i like your concept, but it's not balanced at all

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well after ignoring all the ignorant comments about how much time or talent it took, i will say that for a purely design oriented design... it doesnt really hold much aesthetic to it, there just isnt enough pop to make it worth printing imo. these type of illustrations usually work well with off-center placement as well.

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I can see what you were trying to do, but I don't think it came off as you intended....I agree with Ellss and Mezoid

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I get it from the design / abstract standpoint. however, I think its equivalent to a 40 ft X 40 ft canvas with a red circle on it, and people complaining its not "art" ~ just depends on perspective. just not sure if the mass appeal you need is here.


As for the Picasso/Mondrian comment: I don't think the criticism is that it's somehow less artistic. It's that the design is dull. It wouldn't matter if it were Picasso -- if the design is boring, nobody will buy the t-shirt. I think in design--as distinct from maybe gallery art--high concept alone doesn't hold any water.


I also think your design is a bit off balance. The small circle at the top right seems awkward, as do the three circles with the largest one on top. I think it might fit/balance/look better if you increased the length and decreased the width--it might help with the balancing if you accentuate the long lines vertically.

Overall, I get what you are trying to do and where you are coming from. Like you said, I do think it's different from the current trend and I like the idea of breaking from the mold, but I just don't think this fits the bill right now. And as hard as I've tried, I can only invision a few people who the shirt would not look awkward on.


YBH, i appreciate what you're trying to do, but it isn't executed very well. I'd study some Kandinsky, Miro, or maybe Paul Klee. Bland geometric shapes aren't enough. You have to organize them in a meaningful way.

Something i've tried before is drawing 100 pictures a day for a month. Eventually you'll get sick of it, and you'll start scribbling, and it'll teach you to appreciate line quality, balance, and spacial tension. Or practice single-line drawings for a month... I don't want to tell you to go back to art school... but... abstract design is more complicated than just geometric shapes on a blank field.


There's nothing wrong with purely geometrical shapes put together in an aesthetically pleasing way, but I just don't like the design. I don't think it would look good or fashionable on a t-shirt.


Your circles don't line up and it drives my eyes bonkers. You have great color variations though, so kudos for that!


I think I get it! The shirt represents someone taking Philosophy of Arts in summer school.


Competition exists to discourage mediocrity.



don't worry about changing the size of anything. I think if you put the three circles on the other side it would look a lot better


i can do it by myself less than a min..gee!

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I appreciate very much that you actually took the contest theme into account. I honestly don't think I've seen an entry yet that has done so. I also appreciate that you did something that would have no chance in hell of being liked by the new Threadless crowd that we are now a part of.

That said though, I agree with mezo for the most part. It's interesting use of color and shape but I don't think the concept and execution come together yet. By no means should you stop this type of investigation though, I think that Threadless could use a dose of honest design.


The point is to create something that people would want to wear, and as you can tell from peoples comments that this isn't something they would like to wear because there isn't anything to it.
Simple shapes are fine, just choose a more creative way of using them.
This design looks like you were playing around with the tools in illustrator and them submitted it as a design.


Well, i like it alot, especially on blue


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a good design is fueled by passion, not a craving to simply be unique.

chronically bizarre

I like the angle you're going for, but this design just isn't really interesting, I wouldn't mind a shirt with just some kind of geometric design on it if it was appealing to me, but I would probably end up passing this by...


i watched it for a while, then i read the comments, then i watched it some more. i like your idea, and can tell from your slightly aggressive comment that you're feelin this sub...which is cool.
your color pallettes are very good and i love the gray shirt with the yellow and i would so wear it... i actually would love it small on the pocket of a slate gray pocket tee!
you got a 5 from me. nice job tryin to stick to the trend theme. i think you've inspired me to sub a design i wasn't gonna sub.
thank you for the inspiration.


Your intentions are excellent and I recommend you keep experimenting because as has been stated, this particular design isn't aesthetically appealing, but I have no doubts that you can arrive at one that is with the concept you have in mind.

The possible back, for example, is beautiful in its intention, placement, colour, and simplicity.


Im sorry, but its just not visually pleasing.

Your ideas are ok, but the site is already full of such shirts. Is Kabuki Fish not the same thing?


Well, thank you for all your comments. It is very interesting to learn from the crowd and see your reaction. Constructive criticisim is very welcomed and I will definitely take it on board. Rude criticism will just be ignored, though thank you for taking the time to write in here anyway. This is the first time I submitt anything in Threadless, it's been interesting. Funny that my other design has been more appreciated, I suppose this one was risky.


I really like it on green.

Maybe more pattern/texture?

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