Zombie Lenin Party of America.

nice illustration, and thanx for labeling the pig (i'd never have guessed that) but there's conceptual disconnects between the text, the pig, the guy, why he's carrying a shell, and the bands in the background. it's a good illo, just seems to have a bunch of ideas that don't meld into one well.

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Agree with grayehound...It's very well done, but there's no sense of connection.


I like the "Huzzah!" part. It makes me want to join this bloody pig party.


The text and the image don't seem to mesh, but I like the ragingzombielenin part.

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Is that an Archie character?


Zombie Lenin is probably my favorite undead communist. I even have the trading card.


I totally say "Huzzah!" all the time... No joke. Such as jumping out of bushes to scare people or opening a pickle jar that is stuck, they all finish with a satisfactory "Huzzah!!".

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I aggre with those before me. Great stration, but no clear message.


Not sure I get it, but I love the design and propaganda feel to it.


I think the fact u had to label something what it is instead of letting it speak for itself is sign you should of made it clearer(pig). Unless it was your intention. Anyway 3


what grayehound said.


theres really not ultimate purpose for the design, i dont see why there is a need for one. its more of an observation of propaganda art from russia.


I'm confused, but I like it. I'd have to get everyone in the Shakespeare society one. All they ever say is "Huzzah!"


good originality,good scills


I feel like, though, there weren't really any Soviets exclaiming "Huzzah!" That's more an expression of Shakespearean antiquity or geeks who don't know how to communicate in normal social situations so instead quote Monty Python. Not that there's anything wrong with huzzah or Shakespeare or Monty Python, but it doesn't really fit on the shirt. As has been said above, the shirt's conflicting elements are really what does this one in. The main image is quite good on its own.

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the huzzah doesnt fit in my opinion. should be worked into the design better or replaced.


I really love Russian art style, but the design is a bit confusing.


I wish there more zombies actually involved. Boy do I love zombies.


AMAZING! hehe. i loves it

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Oh my god yes.



My cat is named Lenin and he wants me to own this shirt.


I must $5 anything with cyrillic and in the style of Soviet propaganda.

That being said, "Huzzah"? Pig? Pig label?

If you replace the Huzzah with something more Communist appropriate like "Solidarity!" or "Unite!" and if you replace the pig with some other way to show the triumph of Communism over Capitalism, I'd buy it.

Until then I must unfortunately abstain from voting : (


none of this makes any sense but gosh i love it.


i like it but i wouldn't buy it.


NICE! Same general feeling as those before me that if you had better meshing pieces the shirt would come together. Tweak the messege to be more annouced and it would sell more. $5
also those the pig label or maybe just the arrow


i love this because it's ridiculous, and that's its strength. the label on the pig included.

if it were more serious, it would just be a 3.

but it's not.


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