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  • by shmoopa
  • posted Jun 29, 2006

forest gump?

Watch this

nice, but it's "SMILEY" licence ...

lemon nuggets

this reminds me of forest gump too..


definitely from forest gump. but hey, i'm no complaining. $5.



yeah...i can spell...


Check the thumbnail. It's supposed to be from Forrest Gump. Not to be rude, but I thought that was the dumbest joke in that movie. Of course, it's the only one that had to do with a T-shirt.

Chris Tanner

I would love this, it gets a buy + 5 from me, but might have a problem with the licence...


I don't the design is big enough-perhaps enlarged a bit more


good execution

kaloyster profile pic Alumni



its awesum! just lyk on Forrest Gump! thats sooo kute!

Benny Blanco

un-original, and lifted straight from forest gump!

fastjumper profile pic Alumni

i think thats a good looking shirt.nice job
(and love the presentation)


and what if it's not original? I like it...


Ohhh! I love Forrest Gump. I'd buy it in a heartbeat! $5

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

could some one explain the forest gump connection before i commit to a vote? thanks! :)

The Golden Sparrow

The thumbnail is a shot from the movie (Forrest Gump). If I remember correctly, Forrest is on his long marathon and getting famous for it and a guy pitches a T-shirt idea to Forrest as he's running by; well Forrest isn't really interested in marketing or self promotion so he really doesn't pay much attention to the guy. A car or truck drives by and splashes Forrest with mud. Forrest snatches the guy's T-shirt, wipes off his face and says, "Have a nice day!" sort of blowing the guy off. When the guy looks at the shirt, he sees the image we see on this shirt, and the "Have a nice day!" smiley face is born. Forrest once again unwittingly and unintentionally influences pop culture on a global scale.

Explanation enough? harhar

C a k e s

This looks like something I could buy in the children's section of Target.


I love Forrest Gump! This shirt is cute.


forest gump?
i love it.
I love how people won't get it when i wear it, and I have to tell them what it means...leading to conversation, and eventually getting laid.
this shirt can get you laid!

but seriously,
good design.


hmm... inspires accidental stink.... kinda like a kid pooping his pants or something. funny, but gross.

K4T3 O

cute, but i HATE forrest gump.


forest gump is beast. and that's all i've got to say about that...


that was the lamest scene in forest gump. cheesey. besides, it really does just look like a doo-doo smear.


love forest gump.
love the shirt.


who the hell hates forrest gump. the shirt is awesome.

shmoopa profile pic Alumni

thank you for coments !

Aerial 972

its really good as art - dont know how good it is on the t-shirt.

Aerial 972

its really good as art - dont know how good it is on the t-shirt.

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