Non-conformist Club

The mowhawk is crooked and I believe "backpack" is one word. Other than that, it's cute in that kids' club sort of way but I think it needs something more.

Watch this

Yeah, that dude has messed up hair, but I like the idea. You nonconformists are all alike.


his face is turned to the left, and the mohawk is to the right. Just mirror the mowhawk and you're good to go.


Reminds me of the old Steve Martin routine off of "Let's Get Small"


yep...make the minor corrections and your on the right track.


It's funny, yet not funny at the same time. You should fix that.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I'd say delete everything below "...and be a nonconformist just like me!"

I like the misfits button joke, but it seems excessive at the point.

And yeah, the wonky mohawk IS more onconformist than a standard mohawk, but it does look wrong. If you do fix up te angle of the mo, may I suggest making the remainder of his heaed bald? I hate hairy mohawks.

She Says So

yeah resub this with the changes stated above...i think it could get a high(ish) score.


Like the sentiment, but he looks like he has either a spike driven into his head or a piece of toast popping out of it. I also think the words "JOIN THE" are overly emphasized.


I like how you decided to not conform and made your Tee color choices upside down


holy shit, you totally copied my slogan. mine is better, more simple


haha i love this. the misfits cliche is excellently poked fun at.


haha reminds me of the emo song "you'd be nonconforming too if you looked just like me!" $5

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

meh this has been done before.


heh, reminds of King Missile's "Saturday"


it's nice, the face is from an add in the 50's i think.. or another shirt maybe? =|
anyway the mohawak is a bit messed, maybe you should take the advice of veverka and mirror it.
other than it's a nice idea, execution is good but it lacks something..
i think that the "join the non conformist club" should all be in the same font.


The mohawk looks like an ax in his head. The font for the "and be a non-conformist..." isn't aesthetically appealing. The hand pointing seems a little tacky. I like the idea though.

Nevin Narwhal

The idea seems promising, though feels like a "Sum 41" song.


i like the whole damn thing. maybe you could throw in "weekly meetings held at HOT TOPICS!"


I hope they print this one so we can all be nonconformist together. 5$

Anarcho Allison

Yeah--at first glance I thought it was an axe in his head as well. Maybe just make the head shaved (as opposed to slightly hairy like it is now) and fix the angle of the 'hawk and you'll be good to go. Other than that, I think it's hilarious. Especially the "Misfits button" bit.


i also thought he had an ax in his head. i like it, but i don't know if i'd want to wear it.


Oh boy, another one of those humor shirts they sell at target! Woo, we really need more of those!

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for a long time i thought it was a metal spike driven into his skull


Hahaha... "Get a free Misfits button for your backpack" - so true! I like the idea but as a shirt I think it would suck.


Non conformists have always seemed as contrived as conformists to me. I like this shirt. 4.




I thought it was a railroad tie smacked into his head...


this shirt is uncool cool uncool


Haha, I love how the shirts are upside-down to show just how noncomformist you are.

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