wow! what am i looking at? looks like a drawing exercise!

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spaz modifier

She Says So

i think this would look pretty incredible on a t-shirt.... :)


mezmorizing, I'd be affraid of hypnotizing people on the street.
Which is why it gets a 5$ from me :)


Topo map? Tornadoes? Gnarly roots? Giant thumbprint? $5!!

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throw some meatballs in the mix


Completely awesome! $5


lumpy-meaty-fibrous. interesting, to be sure.


reminds me of muscle tissue, which is creepy. sorry, wouldn`t wear it. A nice piece of art though.


I seeeee a thumbprint, but inside that print I see lots of human forms.


Could we see a bigger version? I love it.


Oo, that's confusing, but I love it!


thanks for the comments....:-)


i think the silhouette and direction needs more definition. its just looks like a blob (a very awesome looking blob mind you) that you've slapped on a shirt in any random position. the detail is great but the overall shape and direction needs structure.


i think this puppy needs to be a bit smaller, and the overall shape needs to be used in some way that echos or emphasizes the randomness of the detail. here we have a bunch of weirdness in a largely concave and well-behaved shape: the only problem.

nice sub.


Well i didnt put it in any direction so if you talking about the fact that i have it to an angle and not just derectly to the centre and going up streight then yea i didnt got for that look. people always do that, i figured i would make it looks alittle more different thats all...and by different yea i might mean kinda weird. i have left it open...

hey thanks for the comment though im just giving reason as to why i made it look like it does..

also yea i was thinking of doing it smaller but with this image it really doesnt work too small you have to be able to see it from a little distance too soo..yea...its weird and might be hard for people to look at because of that..but like i said i wanted it to look quite weird and interesting at the same time...ok well cheers!!!


it will draw attention where ever you go


I'd love to see a whole shirt covered in a design like this, but alas, it's not possible on Threadless. It's still awesome, though. 5$


looks like intestines. which is gross


yea its not possible on Threadless but i have done it in real life!!! i used normal marker pen though....!!!


Whats Ambigrammatic?? i didnt know so checked the dictionary and its not there???? anywaysssss


An ambigram is a word or words that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point, such as both right side up and upside down. There are some good examples on Scott Kim's gallery page.

Not sure what it's got to do with your design though...


It lets people see the softer/ squishier side of me, so I'd buy it!

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