graphik power

yeah, maybe curve the text a little and go with a more muted color to match the can?

Watch this

yeah, maybe curve the text a little and go with a more muted color to match the can?


I think that I would like it more if the top was popped. Where is all that stuff coming from if the can is still closed?


I like the random Raven, more points for that.


Yeah, definitly would be better with the can open.


I like the can and the tentacle things. The other objects don't really match, though. You could block out the black areas instead of leaving the crosshatching. And the text color is a bit bright, maybe something more pale? But this is definitely a 5.


I like the green, though maybe make it a little paler to go with the color scheme already set up. I agree that the top should be popped, as well as the text curved a little on the can itself.
Also, I think the blank space between the can and the other graphics should be slightly smaller. I would totally buy with though.


maybe u don't need the text in the can or scrap the whole text


did this person create the animals and such in the background or are they stock and they added them? Are their places you can get images liek this somewhere?

the haggard

sweet but the tenticles should be coming out of the can


Without the text on the can, this shirt would be a $5. As is, $4.


giggles I like it!!! Although- I agree with all the other suggestions.. The images should be coming out of the can.. (popped... ) or.. they should be completely surrounding it ...

Fantabul0us position though! I really like the whole shoulder area ness..


Take off the text PLEASE - it would be a five, but I'm gonna give it a three. It's really distracting.

brina bear

i like it but the tab should be off, otherwise its great:)

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

slick design, but id like it on a different shirt color...something more bold

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