• by the czar
  • posted Jun 20, 2006

Zoom would be great to see all the detail.

Watch this

diff color? like it lots though.

montmont profile pic Alumni

Yeah, need a zoom thingamabob. The detail looks interesting from a distance.

Gorgeous Bill McShrew

Brilliant design, I just hope the detail isn't lost on the print. Well done, Prof!


it would look cooler on sagestone, but it's an AWESOME design. $5


Not to sure whether I like the red, but I'd definately buy it.


sweet design! but whats with the PHoam?


This is a great image.
Makes me feel sad for all the whales on a Japonese menu right now...


this is fantastic! nice work... really like to see all the details on it.


it's incredible!


oohahh! love it! i think red is not the best colour though. still a $5!

D J Robertstein

yeah dont worry about the colour- i chose red because it brought out the black quite well at the time, but the gif has managed to lose quality.
The finalised image is higher quality, and the original is larger than the potential t-shirt print would be, so no details would be lost.

Thanks again for the comments guys, you're all stars


for the inclusion of a 2p you get a $5. Not that the decision rested on the fact that you used cough proper currency :P


Great design! I wouldn't wear a red one though.

D J Robertstein

yeah, dont worry about the colour- it took me in a moment of madness. I was thinking a blue or green would suit it. Maybe a more pastel shade too


great... powder blue or green!


One of the best submissions I've ever seen on this site. Great job


I like all the detail, and how everything's so round.
I'd like to see it on a something along the lines of lime, or mint, or teal.


time was spent... good effort

too dense

too focused

eye does not travel... or wander


this is absolutely awesome. cept whats that swishy s at his tail outside of the body? and maybe he needs some background/context? and different shape to body to make it more fishy, like a leaping/arced shape...or something

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I'd suggest black on a dark color, I think the detail is worth checking out, but I woudn't prefer it to be too dramatically contrasted. I may be alone in that thought though.


it reminds me of found art, which is so fun to look at because you see all these wierd things mixed together!!! i agree with the change of color and its totally a $5!!


On a different color, then yes. Maybe even on a dark color with all the line in white.


It's kind of lame, but I like it. $5


i don't like the red..!


can't see....


smaller and sagestone sounds good 4$


thats an awesome design. loving the intricate stuff. as has been said, i dont think red is the best colour for it, but thats easily changed. i agree that the design should be in less contrast to the shirt colour aswell.


UAU! great job! 5 !

D J Robertstein

What's UAU?
Also, I've realised now mine looks a little amateur compared to the rest :( But don't worry about colour, and there's a link to a rough copy in one f the earlier posts.
I'm glad you likeit so much, thanks for all the feedback guys n gals


this is AMAZING. you are one talented guy/gal.


I can't believe this is your first attempt. Where have you been and what have you been doing? Can't wait to see your next designs. I Would deffo buy this teeshirt - and I can't wait to hear what people say when I wear it. I'd give it 10 out of 5!!!!


the problem with a submission that looks a little amateur, or that has a unfortunate background color / placement, is that most folks will just look at it as it is, vote, and move on. few people can see potential. D.J., you've got a lot going on here: i hope you "finish" the submission next time!


awesome design. no red but i guess you already know that. oh and did i mention awesome design?


Decent score davey boy, I hope you get printed. PRINTED TO HELL AND BACK :|


its wicked. i agree with a different colour though. awesomo power

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