It seems you are dreaming, sir!

I like everything except the fact that the "rain" is white. :) Other than that, it's awesome! $4

Watch this

hard to read the font


It's too big, and the font isn't the best..

vicki h

best one of the bunch


bah! awesome! easy to read font, cool coloured rain and perfect size!


hey. thanks for the feedback peoples. its probably my fault that you cant see it in this view, but the "rain" is the sky blue colour with white highlights. that may just be hard to see in this image. sorry bout that...


I'd like different font, but I really like the design.


I would buy this in a heartbeat.


ha! ace idea.


I really like the little illustrated guy, but not the rest of it -- it's too large, and the puddle he's in is the same colour as he is.


the design has major problems. but I love the message. I give... 2. because I'm evil. but you should totally submit it as a slogan =D


Too big for the shirt, otherwise really cool


I like it, it's good big. 5


I don't like the font but I don't know why. Not hard to read, just reminds me of something that bugs me. BUT this is so good the funky font is not a deal-breaker. 5 and a buy.


adorable, may i say?!
the "e"s looks like stairs. XD
but other than that, i lovelove it.


Bright Neon Payphone
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This is indeed a travesty. How dare you expect such a fine establishement as to even consider printing what in my opinion is a mockery, and insult to the Threadless community of voters and designers and voter/designers.

5 and a buy $


5! i want one. i also want one of those blue dudes following me round lifting his cap/head. top notch shirt sir, kudos to you!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

reminds me of david firth, and not in a bad way.


ooooh nice...definatly not on black though...maybe a yellow?

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

He's polite. And yes, a kind version of David Firth.


I would like the font changed too!! otherwise I love it!


I like that the guy and the puddles are the same color. It adds to that "crazy dream" quality. Though I do agree it's way large, I love everything else, including the wonky font.


the guy is awesome

mrfunkleberry profile pic Alumni

Love it, the font is perfect.

I'd just say that the clouds don't add too much.
Maybe if you flipped them upside down, so it rained up, but that would probably unbalance it.
Or just changed them for something more surreal, not too figurative though.
It’s a chance to connect with the audience about our dreams.
We all have flying/naked/running/working dreams, if you can get a ‘me too’ from the audience, it would make it much more wearable.
The type with a flying version of your character maybe, you could keep the clouds then (maybe make the clouds in the shape of kettles, anvils, radiators etc)
Sorry for rambling, great work, inspiring.


I would buy this in a heartbeat.


mrfunkleberry- thanks for the constructive criticism . def agree with those ideas. i would like to develop the concept more, and you've certainly given me more to think about. cheers

mrfunkleberry profile pic Alumni

I'd love to see what you come up with...


I love the illustration. I am not fond of the pac man a la Miami Vice font. Maybe a lighter font that doesn't over power such an amazing illustration...


haha, i love his expression!!

Borf JR

ADF HAHA I LOVE! this is just i dont know! its just like GAH i love it.


preshaa- totally agree that this design has similarities to Reilly Stroop's stuff. i havent seen their work before, buts its awesome! thanks for the link.

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wacky, is the best descriptor for this...but its original to my eyes anyway. I dont like the colors at all though.

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