Ha ha

Watch this

Love the concept....
Only one problem - if you use some of those translations, you'll get laughed at a lot.
I'm sure Micke D's don't have fish eggs - even if you're in Germany... lol
Of course.. maybe that's part of the joke?


Yeah, some of these translations aren't very accurate...
Still, great idea. $5


Mickey D's doesn't have chili right now...
They only have it in winter... when it snows...


lol, yeah, being a speaker of German the translations are pretty effed up.


hmm that could be a problem but i dont think that much people will know every language on that shirt. heck i dont even know 2 lol


english, french, german, italian, spanish.


1- Voulez-vous des frites avec ça?
2- Voulez-vous la grandeur extra-large?
3- Merci! Veuillez avancer au premier guichet.

Cute idea.

mister evil breakfast

I'd definitely buy it if the phrases were translated correctly. Nice idea, well done! Keep it up =)


Just in case... German:

1. Möchten Sie Pommes Frites / Fritten dazu?
2. Möchten Sie ein Maxi-Menü?
3. Danke! Fahren Sie weiter zum ersten Fenster!


i think its funny that the translations arent correct, adds to the humour. $5 as it is.


too funny. but i think the translations should be accurate.


great idea - the incorrect translations add to the humor


great idea


i like it better without the text


a French is speaking : ça veut rien dire je sui désolé !!!


What are the black smudges around the text? Would they show on the shirt because they ruin it for me. The messy translations are great and don't need to be fixed, IMO.


no swedish?! :'(


haha like the last line


¿Quiere patatas fritas?
¿Quiere el tamaño extra-grande?
¡Gracias! ¡Pase a la primera ventana.


Babelfish is the devil. It's a rather clever shirt but i'd feel like an idiot wearing it and knowing that the translations were wrong.


would you like a finger with that? =]


fingers in chili is a universal language with no need of translation


I think if you're going to use babelfish on the other lingos, you oughtta translate english from something too, so it fits :}


Fish eggs?


god i love incorrect translations =]


I like the incorrect translations better than the correct ones, it is funnier!


who would pay for advertising for McD????


Castor, I didn't notice the name "McDonald's" anywhere on the shirt, in any one wouldn't be advertising for it if one were wearing it.


If there was a finger in my chili, I don't think I'd be saying "Oh my gosh". More like "what the fucking holy hell?!"


Make the English bolder. Especially the last one. 4


I like the last line. but the french translations just make me cry.

and it can't work anyways, cause supersize doesn't exist where people speak french. well, in quebec it doesn't exist. not sure about the rest of the world.

be friendly

I really couldn't care less if the translations are wrong, or if the menu selection is 100% accurate. Hell, make it more wrong! It will be a great conversation starter for travellers.


that makes me laugh soooo hard & my best friend bcuz she works at Mcd's.


this would be fantastic ifffff:

1. you follow advice from above and improve translations... the french ones definitely sound american and I'm sure many of the other ones do as well.

2. DON'T surround the text with a big old box. make sure that the text is all that's printed... have the bakground and the shirt colour the same.


dont you dare correct the translations- its much better this way! fish eggs! ha! I will buy this for my language teacher friend. he will love it. i need one too. dont change the words- but take away the smudgie thingies please.

stunt double

^yeah! keep it the way it is, the fu*ked up translations are just too funny...

5 from me, cause this made me LOL!


The French doesn't make any sense!


Love it! Keep it as is...5!


ay dios mio! hay un dedo en mi chili!

i dig the bad translations.


you know, if you had gone onto the blog and asked people to help you come up with the appropriate translation for "would you like fries with that", you could have had the whole shirt filled with that one slogan, and the translations would have been correct. that wouldn't have been all that much work, it would have been more fun, and it would have made the shirt interesting to me. this way, it just seems like you didn't do the technical work needed prior to your submission.


I work at McDonald's...I need this shirt


I thought McDonald's no longer "supersized" due to the movie "Supersize Me."


If all of the translations were correct so I wouldn't feel like a posterchild for cultural ignorance, I would rock this shirt out six and a half days a week. 4 until corrections are made, then the top side of 5. I love this shirt!

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In Latin it would be "Nonne frigorum cum illo amabis?"

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