hello to hollow earth

woot... first comment...

umm... i likey... but the perspective of the girl lying down is a little confusing... at first i thought she was hanging off of the hole... maybe spin her to a different spot around the perimeter?

otherwise 5

Watch this

I'm a little short on the concept.- can't really work out what is going on, good artwork though.


Thanks guys, appreciate the comments -- bad news for me if it doesn't read, but I was shooting for "doing something different" by making it a little more dimensional than a flat, though awesome, graphic that most of the printed library seems to be. The notion is just that we're looking with the girl into a hole that has a world living on the interior surface of the earth. Or, in this case, whoever's wearing the shirt gets to carry an interior world around with them ...


This is a very cool design. It has a very sweet and dreamlike quality that I appreciate.


Nice. Very 'Waking Life', which a damn good thing! :)



i dont like the pink hair in the dude...otherwise fine.


When seeing this at first I thought she was looking through a tire, I didn't get the earth thing until I read the title. Maybe if you made the different striations of rock it would say earth more and less tire.


the lying girl - unnecessary


i think the girl makes it, actually. it makes me think of entire television series ...


...or it could be she found a way off the island and back to civilization :) Love the design, but would like it better if it was a bit smaller.

the haggard

i agree with earth/tire thing. adding some grass or something outside the circle. but this is a freakin sweet design.


whoa. this is such a great idea. i would like to see the face on the other side tweaked, made a little less cartoony, but other than that i love it. 5$


Robert Downey Jr looks scary with lipstick


I don`t like the pink hair either , and is it on the back?!?!? that would be intrieging!!!!!


is that suposed to be you?


bleh I don't like shirts with holes...


good idea but yeah, she looks like shes holding on and we're looking through the person wearing the shirt...and not digging the photoshop cutout face...


I thought she found the hole to China. Not that asians look like that at all. I just thought of that. Good idea regardless.


Yeah, definitely need to add some sort of perspective to the hole to make it clear that it has depth and is not just a ring of black. Great design, though!


I like the idea quite a bit, but the girl laying on the ground isn't as well done as the rest of the design. She seems unfinished and weirdly positioned.


I would love to wear this shirt.


it took me a while to figure out the perspective and everything, but once it made sense, i understood. i agree that the girl doesnt look as finished as the rest.


it took me a sec to grasp the perspective and all. but overall its a great design and i really love it!


I like the design, but i think it might be a tad big


I'd take away the guy's red lips or something... but other than that $5


At first, I thought it was an old LP record, and I couldn't figure out what was going on with the girl. Also, it's awfully big on the shirt.


I personally love that it covers the whole shirt, and I think it's a shame that I didn't get to rate this cos I would have 5$'d it.

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