Need Fresh Air?

I'd like to see different colour options, as pink is the devil incarnate.

Watch this

Oh I like this shade of pink, but is there really a shirt that color?
Love the design. Would buy.


propaganda ambulante do circulador de ar bom clima? hehe

bom design....tvz melhor sem os dizeres "circulador de ar bom clima"


nice design, but not good with the "Bomclima"...that's a brand of exhaust fan in brazil...


i don't know why i like this...;]


Is that an amp or a fan, anyway?


it looks like an old air conditioning. cool. great design.
like it.


I like it, i shouldnt like it because i swear there are thousands of tshirts like this in NEXT shops around the country, but i do.


this seems to fall into the retro/graffeti/distressed entry category. I thought this contest was to break out of that.
It looks good though, but not for this contest.


awesome, i love it.


Squares on the left don't do anything for me, and the trademarked name has to go. Make up your own fake brand name or just take it out competely.

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