Love is in the Air

he looks so happy

Watch this

the grass is so detailed at the bottom that it throws off all of the simple lines.. 3.

rework it and submit it again. :D


I agree with Noshino -- the grass is too detailed for the rest of the design. Another thing I'd have fixed if you're going to re-submit, is the perception of depth in the image -- the town/city-scape in the background doesn't actually appear like it's in the background. Other then that though. Terrific art, good color choice -- please resubmit. 3 for now.


Yeah, I'll try to work on it.


I reallly loove this as it is...good job.


See, I like the grass. It makes it so unique... I would buy as is.


he's so adorable and happy and it's raining love!! not crazy about the brown for some reason. it doesn't seem like a happy color to me. but i would wear it!



This is just doesnt do it for me.



aww so cute!


Cute design. :)


i don't think it needs the raindrops, unless you make the fat part of the raindrops into a V, and they could be falling hearts...

i love the concept, though. and i would definitely buy.

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The grass is too detailed for the cartoony-styled design.


put more effort in it, this is basically rectangels and circles thrown together!


i dont like how it looks like he is almost in a normal posture when he is in the air by holding onto only a string. It just seems unnatural. The grass I dont mind, but i think it would still be fine if it was simplified. His position is what annoys me most. $4


Judging by the blockish industrialized area behind him, I'd bet there's some toxic CO2 up there as well.


i love photo shop grass brush good job with that........ not


God im going to cut my wrist.....0?


I'd agree with pushing the city back. I thought he was some kind of giant mutant toddler jumping off a building.

Very cute tho. 4

Jen is awesome

I adore the raining hearts. but that is all


Aww, so happy.

The grass isn't a big deal, but definitely push the city back.



$4 just because he looks so damn happy.


Sloppy composition. It looks like you rished your tree. If you spend more time onit, you design could be cool.


I like the grass as is, but agree about the dudes arm positioning and the sity scapes perspective... I really like it! I enjoy the simplicity of the drawing.


very good. not digging the black so much though. but if it was the only available color i'd still buy it.

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i dunno...cute just isn't doing it for me, the tree is just a little lumpy...or something. and needs chunkier grass.


poor vector

a lil rainy and perilous for love

wrong color scheme


this reminds me of this competition me and some of my friends had in japan to try and buy the most random t-shirt. my friend got one with a boy wearing a space helmet and it says "try it again, left handed this time" and on the back, he's hitting a watermelon with a bat.

point of my story is, i'd buy it because it's ever-so-random $5


what is happeniiiiing?!?

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