Dr. Pepper

I'm not going to say this is my first design and beg for you guys to go easy for two reasons: 1. You won't anyway. 2. That kinda defeats the purpose of the site.

So, I'd say the design is pretty self explanatory. Pretty much any light colour t-shirt would work. Center placement, which could obviously be moved if the ladies were worried about their lady parts.

Other placement suggestions? Lower right corner or upper right corner.

Watch this

I really dislike the green background, maybe make the salt shaker white as well. I like the idea though.


I don't understand what it's saying, and the art is sub par. Try drawing it in another style.


Oh never mind, Dr. Pepper. Probably licening issues.


i doubt there would be any issues with this, nowhere on the shirt does it say dr pepper or have a picture of the drink. i like it but the shirt colour is horrible. :x


I didn't get it was Dr. Pepper until I read the comments-_- I just thought it was like... Holding a white hat or something?? I was confused XD. I see it now I guess.


why does the salt have chicken pops .... oh wait. nevermind.


I didn't get it until I read the title....

ludicrous louisa

Well, I don't really like the colour, and also, the doctor's stethoscope reminds me of a bobbin, and that really annoys me.


Cute. Can't stand the neon green, but on any other color its fine.



I like this idea alot. The pepper should also be holding out a tongue depressor since the salt has his tongue out. The pepper should have a little doctor's bag on the floor next to him, with a doctor's symbol on it. And the salt should be white. 5 for now. $ with changes. good job.


VERY cute!! Would buy!


haha, chicken "pops". but seriously, the salt shaker should be white.


5 just because i'm addicted to dr. pepper


like the idea, hate the colors...too bright


Nice design, not big on the colors.


i like this..shirt..

but not on any of the color choices that i have..


It's one of those that has to be explained, but I like it alot.


nice... but wish the colors were different


i love the concept but def not on green and fill in the salt with white.


neon green on pale skin = ew. i should know :(
the other colors seem okay though.

really cute idea. perhaps they should be flipped around though, so it reads SP instead of PS and "salt & pepper" would come to mind more quickly. but, its not necessary. i'd still wear it this way.

oh, and the white band at the top of the pepper could use a silver disc in front (i have no clue what those things are called, but you've seen clipart of doctor symbols and they'll have those bands around their heads with the silver discs). just a suggestion.


i like it btu i dont l;ike how the slat is the same color as the tee. change the salt color to like, white or something then a) it will make more sense and b) it will look cooler!

good job


o0o okay im gonna try to clear it up...i THINK this is what the design is.... the pepper is the doctor and the salt is sick (thus, the red sports) && the pepper (doctor) has a stethoscope..... is that what its calleD? lol.


nice idea but the colors are bothering me


hehe, cute idea, but the drawings could be more appealing.


like everyone has said the colors here are bothering me, i think you could have made the salt a different color to stand out from he shirt, and that way it makes the tongue on the salt more noticeable. the stethoscope is not very realist either. so you have a bit of work if you were to make this right, but the overall concept was good just clean it up a bit and your all right.


i got it right away pretty good for first design! $4


I dont like the green... and the salt should be white....


I understood it immediately... adding a few more doctor accesories wouldnt hurt though. cute!


the colours are horrible.


I would add more doctor accessories. Sorry, but it took me a while to "get" this one. And I love Dr. Pepper. ;)


different colors, more doctor accesories, and maybe some text.
4 for now.


abslotly different color and always have the salt white it would make it better and othe doctor accesories would be nice too


i really like it, even tho i agree the colors should be changed. but thats just minor. but i think its an overall great concept and design. and as far as placement...lower right corner. im giving it a 5


its a cleaver idea.
but needs more work.
its cute none the less.
dont much care for the green though.
a more mellow color for the shirt would have been better.


Why does Salt have a tongue when Pepper doesn't even have a mouth? Adding faces for both objects would help. And I definitely like the color changes you made in the linked photo.


i hate the green. sorry.
i think the shirt should be natural, then you could leave the design as is without making the salt white, it would just be the color of the shirt.
i loove the idea though.


the green kinda kills it,you should try some other background colors, but i like the concept.tis cute.


maybe on a darker colored shirt like brown or something. And definitely make the salt white. but i love dr. pepper!!!!!

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