Razor Heart

not sure the nice way to tell you this...but I guarantee you you will be recieving a BUNCH of "wow...this is too emo for me" comments in the very near future.

Watch this

Okay, so...cliche...bad connotations...
and i feel you'll spark up an emo debate...

but still, my first reaction is that its great.
is there a pink that's deeper, less bubblegum though?


damn it fiddlywink u beat me!

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this has to be a joke right?


No. NO NO NO NO. Like everyone else will say, EMO. What's the point? The message is stupid and its saying cutting is good? Noooo. $0.




thats disgusting


it reminds me of H.I.M.

love the band,

but, yeah. agreed that its way too simple, and a little too emo to take seriously.


love it... (and you guys saying th emo thing..come on grow up!) love it more in red...i HATE pink!


I would like it if it were a deeper pink and in one of the bottom corners.


I guess i would be the 1 in 10? that likes this.... na... LOVES this, i want it, i really do, too emo for me? hella no. emo emo emo. i love it, give me it, don't listen to all the emo hates... they're just jealous... ^_^ $5


CUTTING IS SEXY!!! this shirt just says what everyone thinks...


lmao <b>BLEEDMYLOVE</b> said "too plain and emo" how ironic is that?!

but i have to agree with you guys.... im sick of all this "look at me i cut myself" trend

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Emo is teh funnay


I actually love this shirt,
except that this razorblade heart thing has been done before.
By the band HIM.

Other than that i love it though, who cares if it is "emo" or not.


get rid of the razor and it will be fine.


i think if you put some text, like that corny halloween text that's supposed to resemble blood, and have it say "OMG I'M SO EMO" somewhere - anywhere - on the shirt, people would actually buy it.

you could even add a "LOLZ". i think it would go over much better that way.

i'm gonna check back to see how many times this one gets laughed at.


you know, this bragging about cutting shit pisses me off. i have a friend who was in and out of the hospital for eight months because of this. he went through alot of pain and suffering, and his friends and family, myself included were genuinely concerned. so when people design shirts to try to emulate that kind of behavior without thinking about what that acutally means, people who have experienced this first or second hand might (do) get seriously offended.

black sunglasses

hahah. i think this is hilarious. or maybe cuz i saw it and thought coKe is cute? and everyone else thought cutting. cut(t)ing? ha.

right, precious?

LOL ok I have to say something. You guys won't believe me but I hardly know what emo is. I guess I am a dork. My 15 year old brother told me it's guys that wear girls pants and "hate school spirit" LOLOLOLOLOL. LOL.
I also learned from him that "emo" people like cutting. I did not know that either. He demonstrated with the dog (our tiny little shi-zu/poodle mix). He took her paw and motioned it against her opposite leg/wrist area, saying in falsetto...well I'll just stop this story. Thanks for all the comments I really enjoy them!!!

right, precious?

Also I think guys that wear girls pants might be kind of hot. Guys in pink shirts are hot also. Also I am really sorry to those it offended and sorry about your friend zephed. That is kind of lame that it is cool for some groups ("emo") to like cutting. That was not my intention.

Queen Caroline

I like it.
fuck what everyone else says lol
anyways, i give it 4$ as is, but if the color was different or darker
itd get a 5$


who cares if its emo? i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't change a thing, i think it looks fine with the pink bcuz of the heart

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